Grenada Day Five: Belmont Estate and Chocolate

Today was a trip up island to Belmont Estate and the Grenada Chocolate Factory.

 First stop was at Micki’s who is a local cook:

Next stop was Pearls Airport just north of Grenville.  There is AN-2, which is a Soviet Biplane, used for small transport and training paratroopers.  The PRA (back in the 1982 revolution) was using this during their paratrooper infancy training.  The plane was parked there at the time of the intervention, and has been there ever since!
Most worse for the wear since we first saw it in 1993.  Goodness, that was twenty years ago.

I had to walk around the plane because I needed to take a leak.

Then it was off to the Belmont Estates for a late lunch.

We didn’t go around the estate as much as I wanted, as time was creeping away.
We did stop at River Antoine Rum Distillery (I know, it was a tough vacation LOL)
River Antoine has been distilling rum since 1785.  And this is done the old fashioned way.  They are still using sugar cane from the island (Clark’s Court imports its cane from Guyana.)  They still use a water wheel.  Men are shovelling wood into the furnance, it is not being run on diesel fuel.
It was very neat to have toured Clark’s Court earlier in the week, as it was more technologically advanced, and then able to see the “old school” way at River Antoine.

The still functioning water wheel.  Locked down during our visit

This is the largest still functioning water wheel in the Western Hemisphere.

A tasting followed after!  Strong stuff.  (I do prefer Clark’s Court Rum)

We made it back to the Gem in time for the sunset!

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