Grenada Day Seven: Peak Bagging Mt Qua Qua

We did not have any particular plans for our last day in Grenada, so I decided to go off on another hike.  This was up Mt Qua Qua, in the Grand Etang Forest Preserve.

The hike is a “Candy Ass Trail” well kept and quite wide for the most part.  However, due to the recent rains it was quite muddy and slick.
DSCN1145Vaughn had brought along a hiking stick for each of us and it was a great idea, I needed it for another point of stability, and with some of the downhills, it was an  item used as self arrest also.
DSCN1150Some of the trail involved following the trail around Crater Lake.   Crater Lake is just that, the crater of an extinct volcano.
DSCN1155Despite this being a candy ass trail, there were a few sections which were a bit precarious, with steep drop offs on either side.   It made me take each step carefully, as I did not to slide off the mountain.
DSCN1162 Mt Qua Qua trail is an easy trail for a tourist to take without a guide, as the trail is well defined, and there is even signage along the way.   You can take Mt Qua Qua Trail and then veer off to visit Concorde Falls and  Annandale Falls down separate trails.
DSCN1164Before long, Vaughn announced we had reached the summit!  2300 feet for Mt Qua Qua.  The rock I  have scrambled upon is the highest point.  The cloud cover was too heavy to show the scenery behind me.  There was also nothing behind me but the drop off!  I was a bit scared here,  I will admit, and happy to off the rock.
DSCN1167 The trail ends just a few feet further on, but  it is not the high point. 
DSCN1169Vaughn wanted to know if I wanted to climb on top of this rock for a photo op and I said Hell NO!  I was fine posing right in front of it.
DSCN1174 It was about a 3.8 mile round trip hike.  As we descended, the strong winds had dried out the trail that was exposed so the footing was better than expected  We stopped at Crater Lake to scrub some of the mud off our legs.
The rest of the day was spent with a swim, then drinks on balcony.  I walked next door to visit Kalinago, which is also owned by the same family that owns Gem Holiday Resort.  It was very nice, we may have to think about a stay here next time.

We had dinner with Jude at Savvy’s, which is located in the Mount Cinnamon Hotel.  Last time we were here the restaurant was named Rudoph’s, which was where Rudolph’s ended up after its demise on the Carenage due to fire..

We then hit a party over in Woburn, but only stayed for one beer as we had the early morning flight. 

One lovely local colloquialism we noticed, as people arrived at the party, everyone greeted each other saying “Good night”.   Another favorite local saying I love, as you depart, many people say “all the best”.  The Grenadians are such a kind and friendly group of people to be around!

I am already scheming for a shorter return trip to Grenada before five years are up.  I turn fifty in two years, and Dennis has already said “heck yeah” for a trip to Grenada for my fiftieth birthday-which works out to a nice winter vacation, as my birthday is in early January!  

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