I am Doing This

This is nothing new. I did this back last fall/winter too. 

I am gearing up for a 7 mile run before a ten hour work shift.

Any more, these don’t cause more than an eyelash blink.

I got seven on the schedule, and then ten miles before work on Sunday.

It is a matter of being organized, having my lunch for work packed, and being set to get out the door in the morning.

Of course, I am hitting the first “cold weather” of my fall running tomorrow, ( it should be about 29 F)  so  I bet I start out in a toboggan hat, and sweat my way through that.

Western States lottery applicant pool opens tomorrow. I am still thinking about it.

My worse case scenario?  I get into both Western States and Hardrock.  (LOL.  I am sure that would be someone else dream summer!)

What would I choose?  Hardrock, without a blink. BUT, the odds of that are pretty small.  I am no mathmethican or physicist, like some of those Hardrock smart guys, but I bet those would be wee small odds.

Western States happens to fall on my four day weekend, which makes the idea of a west coast 100 attractive.  And it is Western States, an iconic race.

Do I really want to run WS? Yes, I guess I  do, from a  historical ultra running background. I know all about the race, I could even rattle off a few of the AS names just from memory. So I believe I will put “register for the lottery” on my To Do List for Monday.  I’ve got nothing to lose.  I won’t be surprised or disappointed if I do not get into the race.

Off to get my running clothes organized for the morning run!

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