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Reverb Day 31: Lists

Well, it has been a fun month of December to reflect, manifest, and reverb!  I kept up for the most part. I lost a bunch of steam the past seven days or so.

I would like to give a shout out of THANKS! to the 3 different Reverb Organizers this year:

Kat McNally and her #reverb13 on her web site “I Saw You Dancing”.  Kat was also very busy on twitter tweeting out other reverber’s posts.

Project Reverb-Meredith, Kat and Sarah spearheaded this effort. 

Hope Wallace Karney at also published daily prompts for Reverb 13.

I ended up taking some reverbs from all three; sometimes using a prompt from an old Reverb List that I had saved.  I had fun thinking through these, getting inspired and a bit creative with some.  I got to read a bunch of good blog posts from other reverbers and have added a section to my Feedly account with new blogs to read.

Without further ado, my last reverb of 2013!

List it | List posts are everywhere.  Top 10 Ways to be Happier TodayThree Tips for More Energy.  Seven Ideas to Stay Focused.  Give us a list.  Of anything.  Your to-do list for the day.  Your grocery list.  A Buzzfeed inspired list.  Anything.
I love to make lists.  I am a list maker!  I came across this word on the interweb a little while back.  I don’t really know if it truly is a “real” word, but it certainly fits me.
Entlistungsfreude: “the satisfaction achieved by crossing things off lists.”
So what should I post a list of? My packing list for a weekend running trip? My AS packing list from HR 2012?  My  current “todo” list?
Okay, here is my List from a past Reverse Ring.  I think it must have been my first one, since I still had my Vitesse running shoes:
Drive Down Run Drop Bag Camp Roo
Clothes to Sleep in Tights 2 long sleeved shirts Food windpants
t-shirt bra short sleeved shirt long underwear
shorts underwear 2 headbands Woodstock Road-14 miles tights
socks socks bra
short sleeved shirt shoes? underwear
red wool shirt duct tape blue jacket
carry yellow coat spare gloves Edinburg Gap 22 miles blue wool shirt
balaclava BUFF (don’t lose it)
headband Foot Care Tobaggon hat
spare headband Spare Drugs new gloves
gloves Moreland Gap 30.4 wind mittens
Vitesse Shoes socks
Zunie & headphones
Hydration Pack
 I always get a little distracted in the days leading up to a run/event.  When I have my packing list, I print the list out, and cross out each item as they get packed in various bags. That way, I know I have everything that I need, before I got all spacey and distracted in my taper madness.
 Happy New Year everybody! Make it a great one!!

The Buckeye Ultra Slam

It is now possible for a Buckeye Runner to complete an ultra (longer than marathon distance) every month of the year, in Ohio!

Who will be the first?

This is not an all inclusive list, most of these center around the central and northern Ohio areas.

Who will be the Buckeye Slammer?

January: Rocks and Roots 50K, Alum Creek
February: Rocks and Roots 50K, Alum Creek; Run For Regis
March: Green Jewel 50K; Fool’s 50K
April:  Forget the PR50K; O24  Trail Run
May:  50’s for Yo Mamma
June: Mohican 50 & 100 Mile Race; Buckeye Buster 50k; Another Dam 50K;
July: Buckeye Trail 50K
August: Burning River 100
September: YUTC; Not Yo Mama’s 100; North Coast 24
October: Run With Scissors Double Marathon; Stone Steps 50K
November: Bills’ Bad Ass
December:  URINEO Festival of Runs; Bigfoot 50K; Festivius FA

A Great Run Today

I had a great run today…in the rain and 42 degrees temperature.

I waited until almost noon, for the “warmest” temperature of the day.  It was raining, yes, but there were ten miles to be run on the schedule, and that was that.

I won’t do a “year in review” post, but I will say that I am extremely satisfied with my year in running.

I have become tougher mentally and physically.  I have become a very consistent runner.  I knew it was going to rain today, all day, and I knew I also had miles to get in.  I didn’t whine to myself about it, or try to figure out how not to run it (having a coach keeps you accountable!).  I just selected the best clothes for the run-running tights, merino wool shirt, windbreaker/rain jacket, and ball cap.  And off I went.

I kept this run on the road and was happy with that decision.  The trails would have been a mud fest, and I was interested in *running* today, not sliding and plodding through mud.

I ran the whole way.  I ran all the hills.  I deliberately plotted a course with as much rolling hills as I could within a ten mile loop.

A year ago, I would not have ran all the hills. I would have turned it into a walk on the first big uphill.  At mile 9.6, I had the “1/2 mile” hill back up to where I live on the ridge.  I ran that also-yes, the running motion was no faster than a walk, but I didn’t break it down into a walk. 

I also felt strong in the last two miles of the run, also important to me.  My energy level was still good, after 8 miles of hill running.

I also broke through the two hour mark, 10 miles in 1.57, on a hilly route. Whoop, I’ll take that!

Reverb 13: Day 27: Beyond Avoidance

Beyond Avoidance (Written by Jake Nickell): What should you have done this year but didn’t because you were too scared, worried, unsure, busy or otherwise deterred from doing? (Bonus: Will you do it?)

Losing the weight.  I am still at 165 lbs.  I would like to  be a 150 lbs.  I just did not make losing the weight a priority.

I would like to be  down to also 159 lbs…then run a 100 miles.  Contrary to any thought, you DON’T lose weight doing this things.

In late June, I got poison ivy-sumac-oak, and had to take a course of prednisone during my 100K race-which will make you gain weight.

I strained my back in September, and also had a round of prednisone..which, guess what, caused me to retain a few pounds.

I am back to where I usually am, about 165 lbs. 170 lbs.  I need to get serious about this again.

I have a little slogan “get rid of the roll” that I need to start implementing.

So what I am doing about it?

I have re-signed up for Weight Watchers Online.  My portion sizes have gotten bigger; I’ve not been paying that much attention to what I am eating.  I’m not really making conscious eating decisions, I am just eating.

Journalling my food and weighing and measuring food portions will bring it back to mindful eating again.

Reverb 13 Day 26: Five Things Not to Forget

Five things you do not want to forget from 2013?
List out 5 things you do not want to forget from this past year, and write a bit about why you do not wish to forget…

5 Memories From 2013

The lovely winding Iron Mountain Road in South Dakota, how it organically flowed around the trees

Reflection of trees on the water in our pond

Beautiful Amish horses running on a cold day in December and the blue sky

Having the opportunity of go off piste with my friends Slim & Gombu in Ohio Pyle…and knowing we would do something that most folks would call “awful stupid”

Watching my two German Shepherds dogs play fight…and then of course stop as soon as they heard the peep of my phone camera go off

Reverb 13 Day 25: Quote

From Hope at

 What was the quote or saying that most resonated with you this past year?
Was there any quote, mantra or saying that really spoke to you? Helped you through something? Made you smile?

In the year of FKT’s (Fastest Known Times) Heather Anderson set the FKT on the Pacific Crest Trail, unsupported, in 60 days, 17 hours, 2 minutes.  She hiked an average of 14.5 hours daily. Then woke up to do it again, over and over.

It’s a nice article about Heather, trail name Anish, on the web site.

Heather Anderson’s quote in her irunfar interview:

“There’s never going to be a time where the stars align and you’re suddenly debt-free and commitment-free. That just doesn’t happen. You have to make it happen. Nobody’s life is so complex that they can’t make their dream happen, it just might require more sacrifices than they’re willing to give. You will do whatever it is you most want to do.”

Reverb 13 Day 24: Place

 – Did you visit any place that holds special meaning to you in 2013?
If so, where was it, when did you go and why is it special to you? If not, were you avoiding somewhere? Why? Is there some place you visited for the first time that now holds meaning for you that you hope to revisit in the future? Keep in mind it can be a place, city, country, restaurant, part – anything – even a memory.

Mohican State Park/Forest holds a special place in my heart.  We simply call it “Mohican”.  This was where I first started running trails, met my first mentors and friends, ran my first 50 mile race.

Getting on the trails at Mohican tends to simply ground me.  There are so many happy memories of sharing trails there with friends that it (almost) always is a positive experience.  I know many of the trails well.  Some have changed over the years, like I have.

People that I have shared trail with have come and gone. Some I am still in touch with, others I sometimes wonder what happened to them.  

In the past year,  I have gone to Mohican mostly alone. In years past, I was the person instigating the runs..”meet at the Covered Bridge”..

Of my few Mohican runs this year, other than the long run that coincided with the Mohican 100 Trail Race that was occurring, I ran by myself. In some ways, this was deliberate.  Most times, I didn’t want to beat myself up by having to get to the starting point at some arbitrary time. Some times, I just needed/wanted the time alone, to myself.

I had a somewhat wonderful Red/Green Loop Run at Mo this past year.  The “Red/Green Loop” is a reference to an old version of the Mohican 100 Course.  I’ve run this section many times, but not so much in the last year or three.  I had a great time running it, revisiting it, and remembering runs with friends on this section of trail. 

I could tell how I’ve improved as a runner, running uphills that I used to walk up.  Some of the hills just are not as tall as they used to be. I’m not as slow as I used to be..