11 Degrees, 11 Miles

I was in a bit of a funk this morning when I woke up and saw the “one” degree on the temperature outside.  Rats, I had a 16 mile run to do.

Being my day off from work, I had plenty of wiggle room to get the run in.  I thought about the treadmill.  There was NO WAY I could run 16 miles on the treadmill. And besides, what if the electrician showed up this morning? (The treadmill is in the basement where he is currently working.)

Okay, how about NOT running 16 miles?  That immediately took some of the pressure off my mind. How about I just run around the block, and do some out-n-backs-and get in, 8 or 10 or 12 miles? That seemed much more doable, and sounded safer to me.

Clothing-tights and wind pants.  On top I wore a wool shirt and my rain/wind jacket. Big fleecy orange hat and my Hannibal Lechter face mask. Drymax winter socks and screwed Hokas.

I wore fleece mittens and my windbreaker mittens over those. I also activated and tucked in a chemical handwarmer into each mitten. I remembered my pain on my trail run from the other day and did not want to duplicate that! I also wanted to see if the handwarmers were still okay, as they were at least 2 or 3 years old.

Run was good! Slow! I feel really slow when I am wearing two pair of pants, I do not know why. But I was toasty warm too.

Only picture of the run. I have been tucking my phone into my Spibelt, keeping it next to my body, to keep the battery from draining.  (For warm weather peeps, batteries and electronics drain quicker in cold temperatures.  If you keep them on your body, they will stay warmer.)  But when I saw the random child’s electric guitar on the fence, I had to stop for a photo.

I tried to keep my route down in the valley, to stay out of most winds.  I found myself chilling about the same mileage-it seems like around mile six my torso starts to get a little cold. I don’t know if that is where I start to slow down more, but that’s where a bit of a chill sets in.

My mileage ended up at 11 miles, coincidentally, the same temperature in Fahrenheit as I ended the run. Not quite the 16 on the schedule, but I am fine with that. It was more about the mental attitude to get out and get it done.  I’m feeling pretty good about being able to handle cold temperatures on  The Wild Oak Trail in about fourteen days.

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