Correct Choices

Today was another one of those tedious choice days in the wintertime in Ohio: do I run on the treadmill or do I run outside?

And what’s the weather supposed to be like?  Saturday was forecast with low temperatures and high winds. It was windy in the morning, when we took the pups out.

After being outside for a few hours, I decided to run outside after lunch.  I knew it would be more of a hike than a run, but I was okay with that.

My timing was impeccable.  It was a bit windy when I started, but then I dropped down into the creek bottom, out of the wind.

 This is township road that is not “maintained” from November through April. Truth be told, it’s not really maintained at all.  There are no houses on this road, just one hunting trailer and one road which might lead to some one’s hunting cabin. 

 There was about 4 to 8 inches of snow on the “road” so it was just like breaking trail.
This township road leads to an asphalt road, and I ran down it a bit to get to three miles.
This old abandoned house is here, inside a cow pasture, and I took a couple pics since I had the camera on me.

Then I ran back to my unmaintained township road and headed home.
I had just got my new Black Diamond Z-Poles the day before, and this was my first run with them, as I have a good descent and then climb out of the creek bottom.  I’m very happy with them! They are so light, compared to my newby REI hiking poles.  I didn’t have an issue with carrying them as I ran, they were so light.
The BD poles were very helpful in both climbing and descending my hills, as it was a bit slick under all the snow.  The hiking poles will come in handy for the climbs (and descents) on The Wild Oak Trail-fast approaching!!

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