I ran 13 miles today.  Not quite the 16+, with vertical, that I had planned on, but I will take it.

It wasn’t a bad run. I had pretty good energy but took it very easy.  It helped that it was 51 degrees WTF after five days ago being -8 F.

I wasn’t very happy when the rain started back up on me around mile six. I didn’t wear a rain jacket-as it wasn’t raining, and 51 F when I started.  But the rain did subside, after a few miles.

I ran up a new side road.  It was dirt, no loose dogs were encountered, so I may have another new route to add to my “around the block” road repertoire.

I am a bit frustrated, as this was to be a big weekend of training, and it has turned into more of a weekend of rest.   But illness is never reckoned into the schedule. It is what it is.

I won’t try and double up on runs, I will just go back to my regular schedule.  Hopefully this was my sickness for the year!

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