An Off Course Dilemma Question

I was chatting with another runner, after the Zion 100 race.  I had told him I missed the right hand turn, and continued down the road, until some kind crew member drove by and told me I had missed the turn.

The other runner asked if the driver gave me a ride back, which I replied no, I never really even thought about asking.  I can’t remember if the other runner said he had done the same thing,  (in a different race) but he got a car ride back to the spot where he went off course.

So what is your take on this?  It’s generally accepted if you go off course at a race, you return to the spot where you left the course, and then resume the race.

Is it  “cheating”  for a runner to accept a ride back to where you left the course?  I really do not know the answer to this.
 I don’t think this is generally addressed in “Race Rules” handbook.  I’ve seen where some races will specifically say no crewing or pacing from a vehicle or a bike.  But what about lost souls out there?  Is there a rule for that?


I just figured it was my own dumb ass fault for wandering so far down the road, and it was up to me to make up the miles back to where the turn off was.

Is there one answer? 

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