Back to WW..again!

I started back on Weight Watchers around December 30..portion control was getting very sloppy, and I know WW works for me.

I have not tracked for the month of April yet. I don’t bother the week prior to a race.  My week out of town with the Zion 100 was about making sure I did eat some good quality food, and then post race is making sure you eat good quality food! I was not stressing about whether it was WW friendly, I was eating what I felt like eating.

I weighed myself Tuesday, after the Zion 100 race took place on Friday, and was back to  my original pre-race weight.  I was happy with that. Many times I am still up 10 pounds or so, due to water retention, inflammation, and generally getting your body out of whack doing things like running 100 miles.

My weigh in day (I use WW On-Line) is Thursday, so this is a good starting point to journal and watch my points. I’ve been up and down the same eight pounds since January, so I would like to shed them for  good, and then work on the last 10-12 lbs. (I have about 20 pounds to lose.)

Over time, I have become less concerned with appearance and more about performance. I can get up that mountain quicker with ten or 15 pounds not attached to me, whether that is in a hydration pack or hanging on my waistline!

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