Spa Day!

I came home from work on Monday, and my husband pitched a different idea for my day off-Thursday.  Instead of driving to Columbus and back, he broached that I go to the day spa for some destressing.

I gladly took him up on it.  There are several domestic issues that are causing me major stress right now.  Nothing I can do about it, or control.

I had been meaning to make an appointment after my weekend of working, but I called Mark’s Place and they were able to accommodate a massage, a pedicure, and a haircut and style for Thursday.

But I had to run 10 miles first.

Photo: Perfect placement. Thanks gasoline people

The gas line folks have been working on a well down the road, working frequently enough that they have their own Porta John.  I was about 1.5 miles into the run where I decided…I needed the John!

How splendid! No ducking into the woods or behind a hay bale! There was even toilet paper!

The ten miles went well. With my stress level, it’s been hard to gauge my running. I’ve been feeling like crap, but is that just due to stress, or due to the 100 mile I ran a few weeks ago.  But I felt good on my longish run.

So home, showered, and off to the day spa.

I had a great massage from Leslie, who was also a runner! She had run a few half-marathons. She had never heard of ultra running-or 100 milers.  It was fun to chat to hear about this undiscovered country to her.

Then I was handed off to Julie, for my pedicure. I had never had a pedicure before.  Usually my feet are so ugly that I could not ask some stranger to touch them. But since I had 10 toenails and the feet were not so heinous, I went for it.

I was a bit apprehensive a toenail would fall out following the whirlpool bath, but all ten got painted quite nicely. I picked a dark red color that would mask the blackened big toenails.


Part Three: Haircut

I was handed off to Melissa, for haircut and style. I explained to her my thin, curly hair, and the fact that I had been “cutting” or  “hacking” at it myself-I was to blame for the almost mullet happening.

She grilled me on the products and procedure that I used with my curly hair.  Apparently I’ve been going about this curly hair thing the wrong way for…well…forever.  I took her advice on a few new products, to help tame both the curly and the frizz.

I came home to find the husband has made my “birthday” chocolate dessert, and that steak will be sizzling soon on the grill for me!

It’s been a good day. I’ve needed a day for myself.

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