The Committment Skirt is Back!

Once upon a time, a woman named Heather sold these great running skirts from atalanta athletic wear.  I loved them. I think I had five.  Then Heather went out of business-this company wasn’t her full time job, I believe in 2010.

Since 2010 I have been trying many different brands of running skirt but always remembered fondly the “old ones”.

On April 1, I get an email from Heather, saying the committment skirt was back!

Being April Fools Day, I studied the email before clicking on anything..hmm, it seemed legit.

And it’s back!!

It seems to be constructed just like before. The only change I percieve, is the skirt is a slightly lighter material-which is great, because the only negative I had for the skirt was when it rained on you, the skirt got very water logged and annoyingly heavy.

The shorts underneath are constructed solidly.  They do not ride up. Ever!  They also do not have that sticky elastic at the bottoms for grip-ugh, I hate that. I have not measured the inseam, but I would guess that the short inseam is about 4 inches=perfect for me.  It makes no sense to have a tiny 2 inch inseam.

Pockets-the pockets are on the skirt, on either side, and this was one of the best features of the skirt! The pockets are big-I’ve tucked a bottle of Boost in a side pocket, it fits!

The website, in case you are interested, is

No fiscal interest: I have not been offered any free skirts or any sort of offering, this is a rave review because I love this skirt!

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