Home Remodel: One Room Done!!

It was probably either the least important room OR the most important room in the house to renovate!

Our house is built into a hillside, which means it’s much bigger than it looks on the outside.  More importantly, there is an entire level built below the hillside, but it opens out, if that makes sense. It’s not a true “basement”, meaning a hole in the ground.  This lower level is quite large. There is a “kinda” finished basement room, a rough bathroom, the “work room” which is mainly the husband’s tool/machinery area but the washer and  dryer are there too (well, that is mainly his domain also) and the coal room.

The coal storage room, for you people not accustomed to either 1) old times or 2) rural life  is where the coal was stored.  The coal was used to heat your home. (It now goes to power some electric cars but I won’t really go there..)

Then, once the home owners got an oil heating system, the oil tank was here.  When we bought the house, it was now using natural gas, but we still had the oil tank in this room.

Over time, we got some scrap metal folks to come drain the tank and remove it from the estate.

Now the coal room just became a storage room for ..stuff.

Luckily, not that much stuff. I had my paint supplies in here, in totes, and we had some pallets, Styrofoam, and pegboard in here.

Also, there is no dampness here.  Again, with the house  built into the hillside, the hill continues down to the pond.  It’s very nice to have a basement/downstairs that is entirely usable, unlike our old house up North.

Why work on this room now? It now has lighting! There was not so much stuff in it. Besides, once finishing-or overhauling this room-I could move all the wine out of my workout room, which will be next on the agenda to fix. Read: no drywall to install.

I first gave the walls a coat of left over paint..which was purple.  This was the color of our guest room once.  I knew the walls would just suck up the paint, which it did.

Second coat of paint was white.  The husband saw it after it was dry, and mentioned it needed a second coat of paint.

Of course that was all I needed to hear. Then, since I was painting the walls a second time, I decided I might as well throw a coat of paint onto the floor too.

Two glass wine basket from http://www.amishbaskets.com/

This is a 4 bottle (or 2 bottles, 2 glasses)  wine basket from http://www.amishbaskets.com/

The pickling bookcase also went into the wine room.  This is my husband’s work!

These are two peppers, hostas, grape leaves, jalapeno peppers.

Summer zucchini pickles

Cedar wine basket from http://www.amishbaskets.com

Very stoked at the way this little hole in the wall turned into a great little gem!  Now to find some Pinterest boards for some DIY craft to store our extra wine glasses down in the “Wine Room”.

Next project:  Kim’s workout room!

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