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I never listen to the radio these days.  I’ve been hooked on podcasts for the last eight years. Over time, my interests vary a bit, or podcasts “podfade:  and I find new favorites.

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I like to review my podcasts every  year or so.  Here is the link to the favorites I was listening to in 2013.  I still listen to many of them.  Some new podcasts I have encountered and listen to on a daily basis are:

Athlete On Fire: Short, half-hour or so interviews with athletes of all sorts of backgrounds-not just runners, but swimmers, bikers, climbers.  The chat is about their background, what they do, and how they train.  Pretty interesting!

Operation Ultra-a new podcast featuring races in the south and Midwest south (if that makes sense.) Good mix of interviews with race directors and runners.

Run Buzz-this is Steve’s second podcast, and he does a great job as a solo host.  His podcast talks about running, from 5Ks to the marathon.

Runners of a Certain Age-The goal of the runner of a certain age podcast is start a conversation around what it is like to run long distance races as we grow older. John does nice race recaps, it’s just like reading race reports!

The Alton Browncast-it’s Alton Brown! He does great interviews, with many different celebrities out there-well worth a listen!

The 5am Miracle Podcast-Jeff also does the solo host very well; Jeff wants you to “dominate your day before breakfast”.  It’s a personal growth/development type of podcast, but it’s not so hyper-smiley or over eager that some motivational podcasts can be.  Jeff’s podcast has turned me on to several personal development/growth books/authors/gurus that has been very helpful through the first half of 2014.

A new interest: learning more about blogging. I’ve come across several podcasts about blogging:

Blogging Betties: good interviews with bloggers usually with some funny banter with the Betties before and after

High Impact Blogging-this podcast is very good, as it is focused on the health/wellness lifestyle bloggers

These are my new favorites for mid year 2014!

 Any new recommendations for podcasts?

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