Another Go on the Zoar Valley Trail

Today I had a hair cut scheduled at 115 pm.  Which made the idea of “18 miles, hilly, trail preferably” a little tough to come up with.

I decided to look at the map and directions for the southern end of the Zoar Valley Trail. I attempted to drive it the other year and failed.

I start looking at the map and corresponding directions.

First mistake!  Which actually made the entire route easy to follow!

Leave Schoenbrunn and follow SR 39 to University Drive (TR 312) 
Turn right onto University Drive and proceed east 

It’s Route 259, not Route 39-which IS near by. This should make it easier for me to get on the correct starting point!

Here’s the map:

 Awful isn’t it?

I just went over the roads turn by turn with Google Earth.   There is only one section, which says “Turn right and head east on old railroad bed”.  I hope I can find this.  My alternative would be just to continue down State Route 39 and head north on Pleasant Valley Road.

The Actual Run:  I did it! I was able to navigate the road and find my way to the “trail section” which starts at State Route 416.

Last time I was there


Longer blog post, with lots of pictures coming next.  I’m pretty happy, as I have now connected all the parts of the Zoar Valley Trail.  I look forward to running the whole trail soon!

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