It’s Time for The Ring Again!

It’s the most wonderful time of the Year. Of course this pertains to the time frame before The Ring and about 4 hours after finishing The’s that weird time of actually running The Ring that is kinda uncomfortable.

I just re-read all my Ring reports. It’s useful in that it helps me remember small details and larger issues that may have occurred.

2010 The Fellowship of the Ring
2011 My second Ring
2012-I foolishly ran a boring 50 mile race in Michigan instead of The Ring
2013 Part One
2013 Part Two
2013 Part Three

It dawned on me that it could be useful to look at my splits from the last few years, as The Massanutten Trail has not changed at all, so this will be the same course!

My “A” goal will be a sub 25 hour finish.  Slim and I finished in 25.01 in 2011! 
Goals for The Ring 2014
Camp Roo-arrive any time before 230 pm

“I was trying to describe to Alan (my husband) how that long stretch of trail through the Peach Orchard/Duncan Hollow area is aesthetically uninteresting, has almost no view, and grinds you down by that slight but wearying uphill grade as one approaches Waterfall. I finally described it like this: “It’s like walking through a bland office corridor in Purgatory.” -Carter Wiecking, VHTRC’er

Crisman Hollow Road-arrive before 5 pm
Moreland Gap-get here before dark!
Woodstock before 230 am

Signal Knob-before daybreak
Slim at SK at daybreak w/me 2011

It’s almost time for the festivities to begin!

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