Week in Training: Week Nine

For the record, not even close to the same category as John DeWalt Tough

I would characterize my personal life last week as horrible.  My dog had surgery and is doing just fine. My reaction to the surgery was not fine.  It was very traumatic to me-probably more so than the dog. I didn’t get all my runs in, my eating was awful, and sleep was horrible.

On Friday I travelled to Mohican for a nice soothing long run, only to get a flat tire as I arrived.  With the help of a nice man, I got the tire changed and the tire repaired in Loudonville.  I canned that run because I was just emotionally spent with how the week had gone.

Saturday I bailed on a family reunion, got my run in, pottered around the house, cleaning and cooking.  I think my bit of “nesting” and getting things redecorated is my way of dealing with the stresses of my life right now-these are bits that I can control-like painting a wall or cleaning the bathroom.  That made me feel better. 

Sunday we visited the dog in the hospital-she’s just fine! so good to see.  Went to lunch with my husband, had pizza and a beer, and then went and saw “Expendables 3” a completely mindless and entertaining action packed movie.   That’s the most time my husband and I have spent together, outside the house, in six months or so.

That Sunday really helped my stress levels. I’m about 80% less stressed than last week-I was a freaking mess last week, so I would say I’m about 40% stressed right now.

I ran exactly 22.95 miles last week.  Let’s just call it a taper for The Ring.


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