Home Remodel: The Rum Shack, or aka My Office!

This was my old office look. The holes in the walls were courtesy of the electrician.

I liked my green and white, and border, but after fourteen years, it was time for a change up.

Yes, this is how jumbled up my bookcase had become.

I had taken all my running gear off the shelves before I remembered to take some “before” pictures.

Where I am at now:

We’re getting there!

My original colors idea:

I like these colors, maybe an idea for my office?and this: Cinco Color - http://design-seeds.com/index.php/home/entry/cinco-color1

I liked the coral, cobalt blue, yellow, and a light green for the walls. I didn’t realize I was actually channelling the Caribbean:

https://i1.wp.com/www.davidclough.com/YellowHouseHaiti-600-w.jpg?w=625 but I guess I was!

The room is getting there. Now it looks like this:

I have a cabinet in the corner with my china dogs on, that I didn’t want to move around until the rest was done. There is just that bit of wall paper border to strip off, paint a little primer on, and then paint that corner green. I’ve also considered changing the lighting in the room. I was considering just a lamp, but a friend recently had their home office redone with some american steel wall lights, and they do look pretty good.

I have some ideas for a desk. I’ve had friends tell me to get a steelcase leap office chair to go along with it when I get one, but i’m waiting to see which way I go on that first before making any decisions. The desk I currently have is Dennis’ Grandma’s 1960’s table. It’s a cool table, but the computer equipment takes up the entire space. For a wide selection of furniture, there are High quality office desks available online with Buy Direct Online. On my blue/yellow wall, I want to have a long table that I could sit at, write at, read magazines, create, spread stuff out!

Something like this:
That's the L shape desk I want!Or this:

I like the desk arrangement. The house painting is done. The decluttering, organizing, and redecoration has not begun yet. But when it does, it will be difficult. This is because I want my office to look amazing. If it looks nice and appealing, it will hopefully make me more motivated to want to work. When I do start working from this office, I’ll definitely need a calendar or planner from somewhere like Writey. This will help me to organize my days, making sure that I can keep on top of all of the work I need to do. Other design options will need to be considered soon, however, I want instant gratification for my office so I am willing to be patient. I may get my big long desk out of this current table and perhaps the old “coal room door”.

Or there might be a day trip to Pittsburgh to visit Ikea.

There will be Part Two, and maybe Three, of the Home Office Remodel. Stay tuned!

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