Mohican Run on the Last Day of Summer

Friday afternoon I decided against driving three hours to Ohiopyle and sleeping in my vehicle and running on the Laurel Highlands Trail.  I got more painting done in the home and spent time with my family.

Saturday I drove (1.5 hours) over to my beloved Mohican for a run. I had a loose idea of what I wanted to run.  Rob had responded he was up for about ten miles with his lovely wife Johna but  I had nothing firmed up.

I started out from the Covered Bridge, the old meeting place from so many old Mohican training runs.

I then headed down the trail, toward Big Lyons Fall. I didn’t feel like doing the hand over climb up Little Lyons.

There’s been a bit more wood added on the trails. I wince, but this section was always wet and just a mudpit.

 I wince a little more at the stairs on Big Lyons Falls.  Sure, it was kind of dicey ascent before,  bu st the stairs make me think of Cleveland Metroparks. :/

I miss the orange blaze trail turn and continue over to Pleasant Dam. I power walk up the familiar Goon Road, and then take the orange blazed bridle trail over to Mohican Lodge. I  haven’t been down this trail in a few years. About one mile or so, I see a sign where it says “Lodge Loop” so I veer to my left. This is a new trail (to me)  that was not there in the early years of the “Forget the PR” race.

It’s very nice! A dry, windy, single track bridle trail. Lots of ups and down.  I came across this sign:

It’s very pretty here but no more so than the rest of the Mohican ferns!

I stop to FB Rob to see if he was around and refill my water bottles at the Lodge.  I was pleased to see they had one of those “Water Bottle” Filling Station versus a water fountain.  I head back on the orange blazed bridle trail, back toward the Covered Bridge.

I am happy to get off the Lyons Trail as it is now 10 am and the tourists are arriving.  I empty my pockets and  refuel at my vehicle and start up the Mountain Bike Trail.  I only plan to use the Mountain Bike Trail for a few miles and then hop onto the horse trail. I have no music on, I want to listen for any early morning bikers.

My plan is to run the old Red/Green loop of the “old” Mohican trail. I am thinking of going down one of the “other” bridle trails when I get to the Bridle Staging Area.

Rob finds me as I run parallel to Rt 97 and hollers “Fire Tower”.  I check my phone and sure enough, he’s left me a message.  We meet up at the Fire Tower and he tels me of his and Johnna’s running plans. They sound good to me, so we head out.  Very few pictures of the second half of the run, because we were busy talking and running!

We stayed south of Rt 97, on the bridle paths. Rob took us down a new (to me) trail that I had never noticed before! More options to add or cut length!  R ob and Johnna stayed with me back to the Fire Tower, and a mile down Hog Hollow Trail, toward the Covered Bridge.

I was going to do some more mileage, but after the newlyweds left, I noticed my legs were getting a bit tired. My mileage would come up to about 22 miles for the day and I decided that would be the time on my feet for the day.

Thanks to the Powells for making my last eight miles go by fast!

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