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NaBloPoMo Fail !


 NaBloPoMo Fail

I had a NaBloPoMo Fail!  It happened November 26, the day before Thanksgiving. I thought I had a post half-written, on what I was thankful for. When I opened up the draft, it was blank.  I guess I didn’t have anything to be thankful for..I kept meaning to get back to it, get back to it..then it was ten o’oclock and I went to bed without a post..sigh..wrecking the whole month.

NO, not really a fail! It was interesting to keep on top of a post idea, day after day. Some days a post idea came easy, sometimes I really searched.

Along the way, I signed up for Content Brew, by Melissa Cuthbertson, which is an online class to help you with blog topics, editorial calendar, how to reach viewers.  I thought it was a good price for what I have gotten so far out of the class. This is self paced, so you can learn at your own speed. No affiliate link on this either-at this time! (Yes I did just learn what affiliate links are this month.)

Amish 1/2 Marathon Race Report

amish half marathon report


My Amish Half-Marathon Race Report:

I am very glad I write race reports, and detailed race reports. I ran the Berlin 1/2 Marathon last year.  It’s since changed its name to Amish 1/2 Marathon, as it takes place in Holmes County, Ohio, where 42% of the county population is Amish.

“Amish Country” as it is popularly called, is a popular tourism destination, full of shops and furniture stores. And cheese. They make some fine Swiss Cheese in Ohio!

Race day was cold, like last year. But unlike last year, it warmed into the 30’s after a few miles. I remembered most of the course from last year. Amish Half Marathon Coursee There are more hills in the beginning, some flats in the middle, then about two miles (UGH) uphill right at mile 11.

My splits:













9.43= 2.13 Flat!

I had a good race.  My hardest stretch was mile 9 and 10. I was all by myself-I had broken away from a group of 4-5 runners, but the runners in front of me were 1/20 of a mile head. I kept trying to catch up to them. I eventually did, on the hill at mile 12.

I finished in 2.13 flat! I thought it was 2.11.58, but alas, I will go with official race time.

buttered noodles

Besides the finisher medal from Wendall August, you also get a block of finisher’s cheese!

finisher cheese  Does it get any better than that?

It’s a very hilly half marathon-check my Garmin profile-but there are water stations and porta potties along the way. I didn’t keep track of the water stations, because I ran with my own water bottle. At the finish line, they had moved the food INSIDE to the cafeteria, where I picked up chips, cookie, apple, Subway sandwich, and those homemade buttered noodles!

Nick and Marjie were still there, so it was nice to able to chat with them post race. Nick PLACED in his age group, his first AG placing ever! He beat  me to posting his race report! Congrats Nick!

A nice end to racing in 2014. I don’t know yet what will transpire for 2015. I certainly have some hopes and dreams, and then we will set what settles down-by next weekend!






Grit and Consistency



I really didn’t feel like running today, but it was only five miles. After a good half hour of procrastinating, off I went. Thumbing through my podcasts, I happened upon “Waiting for Superheroes” podcast.  This episode happened to be a TED talk, by Angela Lee Duckworth,  on the theory of “Grit” as a predictor of success.


Even though I don’t have any big epic goals right at hand-running wise, that is, it’s still important to get out there and run. Consistency.

Which is why I was so interested, at minute three into her TED talk, Angela said:

Grit is passion and perseverance for very long-term goals. Grit is having stamina. Grit is sticking with your future, day in, day out, not just for the week, not just for the month, but for years, and working really hard to make that future a reality. Grit is living life like it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Do you have grit?  Do you have a race next summer or spring that seems a very long way off?  Are you thinking of ways to be successful at that race now?



Home Office Remodel Update

I spent a little time this weekend working on my home office remodel. The painting is done, an acceptable desk has been bought. Now it’s time to decorate!

I really liked these plants and planters in the White Flower Farm catalog:

aloe plant hawothiasuculent But for the price, I thought I could find these plants locally. At the first greenhouse I stopped in, I scored! I found both plants!

We had traveled to the Cleveland suburbs on Saturday, where I found my plants. So I thought it would be “simple” to find some square planters. Results? Not so much. I dashed into five different stores (I was under time constraints) with no results. I remembered I will be going to “Amish Country” on Saturday, and I should be able to score some cool planters there.

The balmy sixty degree weather gave me a chance to repot the plants. My aloe plant was root bound and actually had split off into a bunch of plants, so I had to repot them all!

The office at my old job had Living Walls which helped turn stressful workspaces into attractive and positive environments but I don’t think it would be worth getting one if the only person using my office will be me! They are excellent but I think I’ll stick with my potted plants for now.


aloe plant zebra plant


The next item I accomplished was getting my green souvenir plates re-hung in my office:

green souvenir plate


I’m not sure when I started collecting these plates. These are green transferware plates from each state. Not that I have all plates yet!

green souvenir plate I also have a price point on these plates. I don’t believe I’ve paid more than five dollars per plate; my max is 10 dollars.

So that is my home office remodel update for now!


Today’s Post is..

Today’s post is my edited race report from my first Mohican Race in 2006. It is here, which is in the Race Tab at the top of the page.  This was the “old” course at Mohican, which has drastically changed over the years. Other than the road sections, this ‘course’ has been my favorite. One day I am going to run a self-supported Mohican 100, and this will probably be the route I will follow.

I’m really enjoying editing my old race reports.  I’m happy I also have pictures to add to the reports.  So enjoy, an old blast from the past!

Local State Park Project

state park challenge

2015 might be a year of staying closer to home for adventures and running. The other day I came up with the idea of visiting all our state parks in Ohio  This is my idea of live local state park project for 2015 (and later) visit all the parks in the state.

 State Park Project 2015-there are 74 state parks in the state of Ohio! Salt Fork SP, my local park, is the largest of the parks. I haven’t been able to tell what the smallest SP is yet.

I am hoping to visit a park, get out on their trails and do a little review and commentary on how difficult or easy it was to find the trails via the “need improvement” maps that ODNR supply for each park.

In surfing the SP site, I find little parks I  have never heard of, like Blue Rock SP.  I  had no idea where Blue Rock, Ohio is. It turns out this is south of Zanesville, not too far of a drive to visit a brand new park to me!

Last year I had accompanied my husband for a business trip to southwestern Ohio, where I visited a state park unknown to me, Cowan Lake State Park. cowan state park  At the time I had a bit of a back injury, but still was able to get out on the trails and enjoy a new park to me.  Without being a runner, I would have just gone to the local outlet mall and shopped. Instead, I got to see a little slice of Ohio. This is what I enjoy about being a runner. I get to see little pieces of nature, like the huge lilly pads on the Cowan Lake,Cowan Lake lily pads that I would have never seen or experienced.  This new project will give me a good reason to go out and visit new places!

Do you have destinations close by, that you could travel to, in a few hours, and see something new?  Why not make this a plan/project for the future?  Get out and see something new-local!

10 Great Gifts for Runners


Is there a runner in your life? Why not buy them a gift for Christmas that they might actually enjoy and find useful? Here are ten great gifts for runners:


1. Buff! Of course! I love my Buffs!

BuffThis is what I am going to ask multiple people for Christmas. I should end up with several different colored Buffs!

2. Safety vest-if your runner works out year round, consider a running vest Amphipod Full-Visibility Reflective VestI have something similar to this

3. Light- a runner can never have too many lights.  A headlamp or a small handheld like a Fenix is always useful.

4.Watch-does your runner have a running watch? This could be a little pricey but there are many options on the market now.

5.  Running bottle-a runner can always use another running bottle. Maybe buy them a bottle that is different than the type they already use. CamelBak Arc Quick Grip Water Bottle



6.  Bling-running jewelry!  Be tenacious necklace   There are many places to buy running necklaces, bracelets, but I am going to give my friend Jenny Nichols a shout out. She makes custom jewelry on her Etsy site at Mountain Prima Donna.  I have had Jenny make me several pieces of jewelry Mountain  Prima Donna bracelet

7. Gloves-a runner can never have too many gloves. Other than size, I don’t see how you could go wrong with a pair of gloves.



8.  Bling-something to hang their medals on Race Medal Hanger Inspiration Wood Mounted MedalARTJust Google running medal holders, there are many places out there for this!

9. Race Photography-this could cost a little or lot. Did they just run a race where there was a photographer? Look them up, order a picture of the runner, frame it, the runner would love that little extra touch!

10. Identification-Runners should run with some sort of identification. There is Road ID which would be a good present. I prefer my Go Sport ID band, because I can just slide it on my wrist and go, rather than changing a tag on my shoe. Go Sport ID Glide The result? I wear my Go Sport ID about 99% of my runs.