10 Great Gifts for Runners


Is there a runner in your life? Why not buy them a gift for Christmas that they might actually enjoy and find useful? Here are ten great gifts for runners:


1. Buff! Of course! I love my Buffs!

BuffThis is what I am going to ask multiple people for Christmas. I should end up with several different colored Buffs!

2. Safety vest-if your runner works out year round, consider a running vest Amphipod Full-Visibility Reflective VestI have something similar to this

3. Light- a runner can never have too many lights.  A headlamp or a small handheld like a Fenix is always useful.

4.Watch-does your runner have a running watch? This could be a little pricey but there are many options on the market now.

5.  Running bottle-a runner can always use another running bottle. Maybe buy them a bottle that is different than the type they already use. CamelBak Arc Quick Grip Water Bottle



6.  Bling-running jewelry!  Be tenacious necklace   There are many places to buy running necklaces, bracelets, but I am going to give my friend Jenny Nichols a shout out. She makes custom jewelry on her Etsy site at Mountain Prima Donna.  I have had Jenny make me several pieces of jewelry Mountain  Prima Donna bracelet

7. Gloves-a runner can never have too many gloves. Other than size, I don’t see how you could go wrong with a pair of gloves.



8.  Bling-something to hang their medals on Race Medal Hanger Inspiration Wood Mounted MedalARTJust Google running medal holders, there are many places out there for this!

9. Race Photography-this could cost a little or lot. Did they just run a race where there was a photographer? Look them up, order a picture of the runner, frame it, the runner would love that little extra touch!

10. Identification-Runners should run with some sort of identification. There is Road ID which would be a good present. I prefer my Go Sport ID band, because I can just slide it on my wrist and go, rather than changing a tag on my shoe. Go Sport ID Glide The result? I wear my Go Sport ID about 99% of my runs.

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