Amish 1/2 Marathon Race Report

amish half marathon report


My Amish Half-Marathon Race Report:

I am very glad I write race reports, and detailed race reports. I ran the Berlin 1/2 Marathon last year.  It’s since changed its name to Amish 1/2 Marathon, as it takes place in Holmes County, Ohio, where 42% of the county population is Amish.

“Amish Country” as it is popularly called, is a popular tourism destination, full of shops and furniture stores. And cheese. They make some fine Swiss Cheese in Ohio!

Race day was cold, like last year. But unlike last year, it warmed into the 30’s after a few miles. I remembered most of the course from last year. Amish Half Marathon Coursee There are more hills in the beginning, some flats in the middle, then about two miles (UGH) uphill right at mile 11.

My splits:













9.43= 2.13 Flat!

I had a good race.  My hardest stretch was mile 9 and 10. I was all by myself-I had broken away from a group of 4-5 runners, but the runners in front of me were 1/20 of a mile head. I kept trying to catch up to them. I eventually did, on the hill at mile 12.

I finished in 2.13 flat! I thought it was 2.11.58, but alas, I will go with official race time.

buttered noodles

Besides the finisher medal from Wendall August, you also get a block of finisher’s cheese!

finisher cheese  Does it get any better than that?

It’s a very hilly half marathon-check my Garmin profile-but there are water stations and porta potties along the way. I didn’t keep track of the water stations, because I ran with my own water bottle. At the finish line, they had moved the food INSIDE to the cafeteria, where I picked up chips, cookie, apple, Subway sandwich, and those homemade buttered noodles!

Nick and Marjie were still there, so it was nice to able to chat with them post race. Nick PLACED in his age group, his first AG placing ever! He beat  me to posting his race report! Congrats Nick!

A nice end to racing in 2014. I don’t know yet what will transpire for 2015. I certainly have some hopes and dreams, and then we will set what settles down-by next weekend!






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