Book Review: Running Through the Wall

Ultra Book Review

Running Through the Wall: Personal Encounters with the Ultra Marathon by Neal Jamison

running through the wall book

This is a great book of personal accounts of ultra runners and their experiences.  It mainly focuses on the ultra runner and the 100 mile events and sometimes it is their account of their first 100 mile event.  This was published back in 2003, so some of these runners have retired from the ultra sport-like David Horton, while others like Ann Trason retired and is now back in the sport!

Although it was a few years ago, the basics of ultra marathons have not changed.  This is a good book to read if you are thinking about running your first ultra, or if you want some insights into a particular race, such as Hardrock, Massanutten, or even The Barkley Marathon!

What I find personally cool is I know over 1/2 the runners in this book. I remember meeting the Peros for the first time..”wow, they are the couple in that book”..  What is even cooler is many of the runners I know in this book are now my friends.

While I see this book is not available in a Kindle edition, it is available as a paperback and I have lent it out to many of my trail running friends. It is a good read and there is good knowledge to learn from these runners.

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