Home Office Remodel Update

I spent a little time this weekend working on my home office remodel. The painting is done, an acceptable desk has been bought. Now it’s time to decorate!

I really liked these plants and planters in the White Flower Farm catalog:

aloe plant hawothiasuculent  But for the price, I thought I could find these plants locally.  At the first greenhouse I stopped in, I scored! I found both plants!

We had traveled to the Cleveland suburbs on Saturday, where I found my plants. So I thought it would be “simple” to find some square planters. Results? Not so much. I dashed into five different stores (I was under time constraints) with no results.  I remembered I will be going to “Amish Country” on Saturday, and I should be able to score some cool planters there.

The balmy sixty degree weather gave me a chance to repot the plants.  My aloe plant was root bound and actually had split off into a bunch of plants, so I had to repot them all!


aloe plant zebra plant


The next item I accomplished was getting my green souvenir plates re-hung in my office:

green souvenir plate


I’m not sure when I started collecting these plates. These are green transferware plates from each state. Not that I have all plates yet!

green souvenir plate  I also have a price point on these plates. I don’t believe I’ve paid more than five dollars per plate; my max is 10 dollars.

So that is my home office remodel update for now!


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