My Home Office Remodel

My home office is almost officially remodeled. It started with the rewiring. Getting a 74 year old farmhouse means knocking holes into walls.


Then you need a drywall guy. Because these walls are not just drywall, they are combination of drywall and plasterboard. Of varying thicknesses.

myoldofficelook messyoldofficelook

I wanted some bright and new. I wanted to use some bold color combinations. I didn’t realize I was channelling my “inner Caribbean” but I guess I was.coralbookcasehomeoffice

The desk is just some Ikea desks.

newofficeremodel colorfulnewoffice

I like the width of the desk, just 29 inches wide. This way I touch the wall and post stuff on my bulletin board. I am thinking of getting a custom desk-table made by our Amish neighbor down the road. I’m also considering potentially getting some antique furniture for the office as well.

I was tempted to put some of my things into storage while redecorating. I even did some research into Self Storage and there are so many different places to turn to if you’re looking for storage units.

Fortunately, I managed to move everything around instead, but I’d definitely consider something like a storage unit in the future.

A good friend of mine recently got an antique table for her living room from and she seems to love it. In terms of furniture, as you can tell I haven’t really made my mind up yet at all. I have not finished the yellow/blue wall yet, I need to hang more pictures, and bring my books back to the bookcase.

In general, I love it! I got rid of clutter, it’s better organized. I have somewhere to write in a notebook or tinker with items instead of uncovering the kitchen table. It’s bright and cheerful! My running gear has been removed to the downstairs workout room-pics of that coming soon.

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