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state park challenge

2015 might be a year of staying closer to home for adventures and running. The other day I came up with the idea of visiting all our state parks in Ohio  This is my idea of live local state park project for 2015 (and later) visit all the parks in the state.

 State Park Project 2015-there are 74 state parks in the state of Ohio! Salt Fork SP, my local park, is the largest of the parks. I haven’t been able to tell what the smallest SP is yet.

I am hoping to visit a park, get out on their trails and do a little review and commentary on how difficult or easy it was to find the trails via the “need improvement” maps that ODNR supply for each park.

In surfing the SP site, I find little parks I  have never heard of, like Blue Rock SP.  I  had no idea where Blue Rock, Ohio is. It turns out this is south of Zanesville, not too far of a drive to visit a brand new park to me!

Last year I had accompanied my husband for a business trip to southwestern Ohio, where I visited a state park unknown to me, Cowan Lake State Park. cowan state park  At the time I had a bit of a back injury, but still was able to get out on the trails and enjoy a new park to me.  Without being a runner, I would have just gone to the local outlet mall and shopped. Instead, I got to see a little slice of Ohio. This is what I enjoy about being a runner. I get to see little pieces of nature, like the huge lilly pads on the Cowan Lake,Cowan Lake lily pads that I would have never seen or experienced.  This new project will give me a good reason to go out and visit new places!

Do you have destinations close by, that you could travel to, in a few hours, and see something new?  Why not make this a plan/project for the future?  Get out and see something new-local!

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