November Training Goals

November Goals

It’s time to get back to training! I had some cross training that I wanted to incorporate into my workouts, but I knew better than to start any new projects right before a big ultra. Now that the race is over with, I’ve successfully recovered, it’s time to move on and get back to training.

Cross Training Goals:

Strength training: Running is a good way to build bone density, but as a 48 year old female runner, I need to think about conserving bone density. The odds of osteoporosis rises in the menopausal female. I take my calcium and Vitamin D supplements daily. I also have my blood work done to make sure my calcium and Vitamin D levels stay in the normal range! Strength training can help prevent and even build bone density in women!

Plank a Day Challenge!


Core strength is good for runners. I’ve never finished a plank challenge month. It’s on, again!


This could be titled, Yoga and Stretching. I need and want to get back into a stretching program. This is one of my goals for November, to get back into stretching. I want to also explore some “Yoga for Runners” online videos and try to make this a regular practice. A friend of mine has just got back from Marianne Wells Yoga School so I’m sure she’ll be able to give me some new yoga tips. I don’t know much about yoga which is why I don’t do it as often as I should, but I really want to get back into it. Yoga is great for the body and mind so it’s a really important thing to do in my opinion!

How did I do on Day One?

I did some bicep work, for my strength training and it was pretty tough I have to admit. I did Day One of Plank Training-Yay! I did some a set of Windshield Wipers and one set of 10 basic crunches. I’m a bit embarrassed to say these were not easy, but hey, I have to start somewhere.

No Yoga or stretching, but I also did not run today. I’ve got my next two weeks schedule, from the Coach and I’m going running tomorrow. When I return, I am going to stretch!

One thought on “November Training Goals

  1. Denise

    Windshield wipers are never easy for me – I mean I only occasionally do this when a yoga instructor tricks us into it 😉

    Sounds like a long list of goals, go get ’em!


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