16 Mile Run


Today’s schedule called for a 16 mile run. After the snow of the last few days, I knew going to the woods would be a huge slow slog. With the snow on the roads-meaning no berm, or place of safety to jump off to, I decided to just stay on my township backroads.

But how to get a 16 miler in? I consulted my old standby, gmap-pedometer, to piece together a route. I decided on my usual “bread and butter” route, which, with a few out and backs, I can turn into about 8 miles.

Instead of turning left, toward home, on the state route, I turned and ran right, to “Horseshoe Bend Road West”. This then links me up with my usual route, and I ran this in reverse.

So basically, lollipop on a stick route.


No real great views. Overcast day.  It started drizzling on me early. I had the Zune in a plastic baggie.

The road, which is mud/gravel was totally snowed and iced over. I was picking my route carefully. I would either run in snow at the side, look for gravel or ruts to run in.

As I continued, the roads got worse. Even with screwed shoes I was slipping. The mail-person stopped to chat with me, asked me how the road was. I told her it was a sheet of ice past the Amish farm, and she turned around. (She then took a different route in, as I saw her on Horseshoe Bend Road West, so the mail did get delivered!)

Even so, I had a good run. I love the long run on my day off work, it’s guilt free and I don’t (sometimes) have time constraints.  My gloves got soaked in the last two miles, and I got a little chilled, but it still wasn’t so bad.   32 F and rain is far better than 13 F and high winds.

I should have taken a picture at the end of the run, I did look like a little bedraggled mouse.

Another mental training day, although an “easy” one for me. For some reason, I was just stoked about the run in adverse conditions, so it didn’t even bother me when it started raining even before I donned my running clothes.

“Mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it don’t matter.”

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