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Cross Training



Weight Training

I have started weight training again. For a female almost fifty years old, this is important.  It should be important for everyone! But especially for aging females, as we are suspect to bone loss.

Women tend to experience minimal change in total bone mass between age 30 and menopause. But in the first few years after menopause, most women go through rapid bone loss, a “withdrawal” from the bone bank account, which then slows but continues throughout the postmenopausal years. -from the National Institutes of Health

Studies show that strength training over a period of time can help prevent bone loss — and may even help build new bone.


Smart Girls Do Dumbells

I cracked open my book from 2004. Surprise, weight training hasn’t changed that much in 11 years. What I like about this book is the simple routines in the back.  Each exercise links back to the page #; I just check back in the book and re-read the movement and look at the picture to make sure I am doing it correctly.

I am following the “beginner” routine for now, one set or maybe two sets of each exercise. sample I have already seen results when using my hiking poles on the Laurel Highland Trail. My upper arms were not sore after using the poles for six hours.



Yes, that’s a bike on a trainer. I got the trainer from Slim, and months later, got the bike on it.

I don’t plan on using the bike for any extended workouts. It’s mainly there to spin out my legs from running tightness.

I’ve been doing well with motivation with both cross training and keeping up with my running through the long month of January.  It’s consistency that matters. One workout  may not mean much, but workouts after workouts after workouts build the body to get across the finish line.


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