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Capricorn Horoscope

It’s time to read the annual Capricorn Horoscope since today is my BIRTHDAY! Sadly, I am working my “long shift” at work today-11 hours, so there is not much celebrating to be had-that was done yesterday, on my work day off.



If You Were Born Today, January 6:

Exceptionally hard working, your work means the world to you, and if you don’t choose a career path that truly reflects your goals, you are unlikely to be very happy! You are a list maker, an organizer, and a person who loves order, even if you don’t always feel you are orderly enough. You are at your best when you have a goal in mind. You are loyal and somewhat of a perfectionist. As peace-loving and security-minded as you are, there is a decidedly stubborn and argumentative side to your personality.

The Capricorn horoscope 2015 predicts that this will be a year of change for people born under this sun sign. You’ve given up trying to change the world and instead are working on changing yourself.

Financial stability is finally within your grasp and you will be making big decisions regarding matter of the heart. You are working towards realizing your ideal goals and becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Because of that you’ve decided to embrace 2015 as the time to make big changes in your life Capricorn. You’re looking towards the future and keeping an eye on the big goals and if you have to make changes in your life to achieve them, you’re OK with that.

January will be a month of personal challenges. You will be ambitious and selfish to achieve your goals.

You’ll want to be cautious at the beginning of the year, particularly in February. Ideas that seem great on paper may end up being a source of tension. This is the time to think carefully before you act.

In March, you may face some tensions at home and you will have to pick your words carefully as emotions will be at an all-time high.

In April, you’re feeling everything very deeply right now Capricorn and that can make even little issues feel like big ones.

By May this will have passed and it’s a good time for you and your partner to have a heart-to-heart on serious matters

By June, you’ll feel more committed to your relationship than ever before. This will be a socially active period for you. (25 Wedding anniversary trip!)

July is the right time to start concentrating on your career even though you have many parties to attend to.

Summer is a good time to get your financial house in order. August is a particularly time to consolidate your debts and settle existing financial commitments.

September will see changes in career. Family will be supportive.

October will bring progress in jobs and improvement in finances.

The fall will be fairly uneventful up until November, where you will be likely dealing with some issues on the career front regarding control and conflicting personalities.

December is one of those times when you have to accept that you can’t change the world around you, only yourself and your actions.


The way you look at the world is a bit too narrow and over the coming year you will be encouraged to expand your outlook on every level. Try not to look at people in terms of “good” and “bad” – they are all doing their best, just like you.

January 2 – 11

If you were born between 2 and 11th January you are sometimes inflexible and this can be particularly problematic for your relationships.  You are also somewhat possessive and jealous. You are extremely practical and your common sense will be one of your most invaluable assets.

My Birthday Run


Happy Birthday Run to Me!

It’s actually January 5th, and my birthday is tomorrow, January 6, but I am off work today and working 11 hours tomorrow, so today is the celebration.

There was still an eight mile run on the training schedule but it was a balmy 16 degrees F when I woke up. I actually was thinking of doing this on the treadmill when the husband said “well at least it’s sunny outside” which changed my attitude.

At least it was sunny, unlike last year’s birthday run:


2014 Birthday Run


It was nice having a bit of blue sky out there:

IMG_20150105_113009_996 IMG_20150105_112437_339

Even Scooter came out to give me a little birthday bark:


I am really hoping my 2016 birthday run will be in a warmer climate, like here:

Mourne Rouge Beach Grenada

Mourne Rouge Beach Grenada

It was windy again, like on January 1. This time I wore my silk long johns under my wind pants and those were a better choice than the regular running tights. I swapped out my hat about halfway through, as it had got wet with sweat.

Not a bad run. I thought about several goals on the run. One in particular was rather vague: “be in the best shape of my life by July 10”.  I think I need to break that down a bit more specifically.

I got several sock monkey presents for my birthday, here is a pic of the Happy Birthday sock monkey with my Love Sock Monkey!


Mean Miserable Miles

first run of the year

First run of 2015-Mean Miserable Miles!

It was my day off. 13 miles on the calendar. Okay, not bad, entirely doable.

Winter decided to arrive and it was about 24 degrees F outside. With wind.  We took the dogs for their walk, and I thought “well, it shouldn’t be that bad.”

I procrastinated and procrastinated. I did not want to go out into that wind. I donned my wind pants and my wind jacket, my North Face Fleece hat, and my fleece mask face mask. Off I went.

Ugh. I felt terrible. It was so freaking cold with the wind. (Internet said wind was 15-25 MPH.) Mile two felt a little better. I felt like a slug. It seems like anytime I wear my wind pants, I feel like a slug. Probably because there is some reason-like cold and wind! is why I am wearing them!

sunny road

I start climbing a big hill about mile 4. At least it’s sunny out. I try to look at the positives. As I climb this hill, an orange Honda Element passes me..with a 26.2 sticker, among others, on the back. How very random. They must be visiting friends.

I climb and climb and make it to Gilmore Road. I’m around mile 5, I need to go until 6.5, since I’m doing an out-and-back- 1) for more hills 2) avoid the Great Danes.

cold ridgeline

This is the big exposure, up on the ridgeline. The wind is freaking horrible. I am getting stiff, through my whole body, of resisting the wind. I’m very happy to be wearing my face mask, I would probably have frostbite-or some nasty windburn-with out it.


I’m grimacing and gritting my teeth. But I am determined. I’m getting my freaking miles in. I make it to the road sign for 6.5 miles and turn-back into more wind.


Well, at least I am on the flip side and now get to run down the big hill that I just hiked up. The Honda Element is parked at a farm on the road, and I see a couple local Ohio stickers-the Vertical Runner store, and the Buckeye Trail 50K sticker on the back. I’m amused. I wonder if I know this person.


Back down in the valley, I now just have two miles left. I’m very stiff and tired. This run-mainly because of the wind-kicked my ass.

But I did it. Gritted my teeth and kept going. Didn’t care about the time, just wanted to get my mileage done.

First run of the year complete!

Happy New Year!



Happy New Year!


I won’t write about NY resolutions, or why they suck, or why you shouldn’t set these resolutions, or why  you shouldn’t start a diet on NY Day. I won’t write about my end of year miles, my yearly recap (I kind of did that with Reverb).


What  I do want to say (write) is I hope everyone has high hopes and wishes for the best year ever. Cheers!