Run at Mohican State Park



This will be State Park #2 I have ran at  in 2015!

Mohican State Park

contains 1,110-acres and Mohican State Forest is adjacent  with 4,525 acres.

With about eighteen miles on the schedule I headed off to Mohican. I meant to park at the Covered Bridge, but the road to the bridge was gated closed. Undaunted, I parked at the Fire Tower. I wasn’t quite sure what route I was going to run, but the parking location helped me decide.

I headed down on the bridle trails south of Rt 97. I decided to start down the “red” bridle trail, which I had  not been on before.

Bridle trail sign After a nice long downhill, I was a bit disappointed that the red bridle trail spun me right out on the “old” Mohican 100 course.  I kept going, knowing I had a stream crossing.pine trail

I had to bushwhack upstream about a 1/4 mile, until I found a spot “almost” covered in ice, but shallow enough to cross safely.

winter scene

The bridle trails were snow covered, so it was a bit like running in loose sand. I was happy to be in the woods, on a nice mid-winter day!

After a second water crossing, I finished that loop and then took the mountain bike trail down to the Covered Bridge.  I then took the tourist trail over to Big Lyons Fall, which was icy and treacherous.

Big Lyons Fall   The ice stalagmites and stalagtites are growing!  After climbing the new wooden stairs, I climbed up past Little Lyons Fall and to the dam. Back to the Covered Bridge, then I climbed up the mountain bike trail for a mile or so, then back to Covered Bridge.

I  headed up the Hog Hollow Trail, back to the Fire Tower. I felt a little tired toward the end of my run/hike, as I had underfueled for my trek.

The sun even came out briefly as I climbed up Hog Hollow Trail. It was a good couple of hours spent in the woods!



One thought on “Run at Mohican State Park

  1. ultrarunnergirl

    Looks like a lovely snowy run. Those are some of my favorites and I always wish we got snow more often so they weren’t a rare treat. But perhaps I’d get sick of the screwed shoes, yaktrax, slipping and sliding if I did.


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