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It’s winter trail time. Winter has arrived with quite a statement here in Ohio. Yesterday the temperature rose to a high of 18.  It was -3 F when I ran yesterday.

On the treadmill. Ten miles. It wasn’t “that bad” actually. I first ran 4 miles, then stepped off, refilled my water bottle, and reset the treadmill to zero. Then I ran a programmed interval session, resulting in 2.79 miles. I again stepped off and reset, now having just about a 5K to run. This method, along with “The Property Brothers”, “Top Chef” and part of a “Love It or List It” episode got me through ten miles.

I was determined to go to the trails on Friday. I awoke to a whiteout-the winds looked much higher than Thursday! But it was 17 degrees F, so I kept my plans.

I was super careful packing. I wore my Drymax winter socks; silk long johns under my wind/rain pants; two long sleeve wicking shirts with my eVent Jacket; fluffy North Face fleece hat; Nike running gloves.  I carried a spare hat, my wind-shielding Sugoi mittens, and a spare merino wool shirt. I also had a bunch of chemical hand warmers with me. I didn’t want to make a mistake in the woods and end up in trouble. I also carried some food, my emergency whistle, and my waterproof matches.

For Christmas I got a brand new Ultimate Direction Wink pack to use for Hardrock. I took the new bladder out and replaced with a 70 oz Camelback bladder. I also filled the bladder with almost hot water and two scoops of EFS to keep it from freezing.

Why so careful? Because the temperature was 16F, with the wind chill it was around zero. Not the time for forgetting a piece of gear.

I parked at the Lodge, thinking about doing the Bigfoot Loop backwards-exactly where and what I had told my husband I was doing. This would get me away from the lake quickly where the hills would block more of the wind.

winter trail  The Salt Fork area had received a bit more snow than at my house.  I was doing more hiking than running, having to break through the snow. I decided after the first two miles just to run an out and back so I could run back in the broken trail I had created.

winter trail

The clothing choices went well. Once I got away from the lake the wind died down. I wore my mask almost the entire run-well this was much more of a hike than a run.

It was very good to be back out on the trails. I would have preferred a few degrees warmer, but it was a pretty day in the woods.

winter trail

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  1. Alli

    Nice pictures, Kimba. I’ve also found it helpful to break up my treadmill time – getting water allows me to refocus between each set of miles. Hopefully Ohio will be a bit warmer this upcoming week. 🙂


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