March Check In

March Check In


We’ve gotten the frozen month of February behind us, and let’s hope March comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb..

Time to my monthly checkin. I set some goals back in December, let’s see how I did.

Weight goal: Nope. 6.7 lbs to “first” weight goal. As soon as wine tasting weekend is over (this coming weekend) I’m cutting back-way back-on the alcohol. That should really help with the ¬†weight.

March Goals

Pleasantly surprised to see I’ve hit some of my targets and the numbers are going down despite not hitting my weight goal. I think the weight training is very beneficial. I’m feeling better about my body seeing the numbers go down because I’ve been dithering to myself about the weight lately.

I set April One Goals, just work on the weight and body measurements. I think it’s time I dusted out my core/abdominal book and started over as a beginner there. That really worked well with my strength training book that I have been following since January.

I’m really hoping to get some runs outside and possibly on dirt in March!

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