If it’s not Raining You Ain’t Training

if it isn't raining you ain't training

My four block days of training started on Thursday. I had a lawyer’s meeting at 9am, so I had sketched out a run back from town. (The busband drove into town to meeting with me.)

As I started the run it was a nice day out.


Crossing the Tuscarawas River and running the first two miles across the flat river bottom. I had to stop as I hit the first hill to take off the long sleeve top.


I even needed sunglasses the first two miles

I even needed sunglasses the first two miles

I climbed up the ridgeline and noticed the dark clouds rolling closer. Sure enough, 1/2 mile later, the rain drops began, as predicted. I pulled my wind breaker, from Sierra Designs out.

It was pouring. The pictures just don’t show the rain well enough. I ran my 16 miler last Thursday in pouring rain. The only difference is it is at least 15 degrees warmer today.


It wasn’t a bad run. Keeping the hood up on my jacket was about the only issue. Just steady miles in the rain. I realized although my Sierra jacket worked out well all winter long-I usually wore a wool shirt and the jacket, which trapped heat inside-it really was only a wind jacket, not a rain jacket. I was soaked through and had the same result last week.  I had been planning on this being my “light” jacket for Hardrock, but this was a good time to realize it was not substantial enough.

Wind breaker not rain jacket

What road am I on?

Looking at my Garmin, I realized I was going to come up a little short on mileage. About four miles from home, I took a right off the ridgeline, down a road I wasn’t sure I had run on before.

After a mile or so, I recognized some houses and barns. But I couldn’t remember how long the road went before it intersected a main road closer to home.

Gray barn Multi color barn

The next road intersected to the left, and I knew I had taken it before. “Trefoil Lane”. Hmm. I wasn’t sure about the name of the road, but I had remembered climbing out of the creek bottom before. Up I climbed. Nothing is looking real familiar.


Running on my back roads is a little like trail running, meaning many of these roads are dirt and gravel. When it rains all day, the dirt turns into mud, and then there are little rivers of muddy water to plow through. No worries. My feet were good and wet. It’s good Hardrock training, as my feet will be wet probably 98% of the run.

I finally intersected another road, which had a road sign (did I mention most of the road signs on the back roads are missing) and I finally figured out where I was! Okay, two miles to the main road, then 1/2 mile to my state route, and one mile to my house!


Two miles from home, the rain quit. The sky even became a bit blue. Not a bad run as I squished my way home.

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