It Happened to me I left the Cell Phone at Home!


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That was a good digital lesson. Running a little behind departure time, I forgot my cell phone and my Zune. (A Zune is an ancient MP3 player from Microsoft.)

OMG. Could I survive the day without my phone? What if the Coach emails me back? What if I can’t check my email forty times a day? What if I won’t know what’s going on the cyberworld?

I found it a very good lesson. There is alot of white noise buzzing at you non stop from the cyber world. It felt curiously refreshing to step away from it, and hear absolutely…nothing. No FB updates, no news from the Boston Marathon, no new tips on how to write a blog post.

The only time it was a bit annoying was I did want to use the smart phone as an actual phone to make some calls on my lunch break. But these calls could be put off. In fact, when I came home from work and checked my phone, no voice mails!

I did find myself reaching for the phone several times in the day. Rather like reaching for mindless candy/snacks. Just about the same thing. I need to think about that.

Will I leave the phone home tomorrow? No. I do need to make a few phone calls during business hours. I have to be able to either play Slydris or read a book on my phone on my lunch break.  And maybe see how everyone is recovering from Boston..


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