Low Ceiling Foggy Morning Run

When you wake up at 5am and can’t get back to sleep, it’s easy to get out on your morning run early.

Geese on Road

Today was another 13 mile run. I decided to run an old route.  My only intrepidation was to get past the loose Great Danes at mile three.

It was not raining when I started this morning! But as you can see-or not see-the low ceiling. Yes it is spring, but kind of dreary.

Foggy valley

I heard the Great Danes at mile 3, but they were barking at me from inside the house. I was prepared. I had my pepper spray in one hand, a big long stick in the other.

Successfully past the dog house, I was happy to be able to “run” up the 1/2 mile hill. “Run” might not be the best term, but it was a running motion, not a walking leg turnover.


When I got to the ridgeline, it was hard to tell if it was lightly raining or just the low ceiling of clouds.


It was just a light mist, and ten degrees warmer than yesterday. I was wearing just short sleeves, but I did have my eVent jacket stashed in the pack, ready for the thunderstorm-that never appeared.

From the ridgeline, it was downhill on some back country roads, muddy and rocky. I was wearing back up (old) road shoes, some old Hokas, and slipped in a few spots with mud on the downhill. (Yesterday’s Bondis have not dried out yet.)

Pretty uneventful run. I had good energy and the legs felt good. Very few cars out and about on this Friday. These were the most amusing critters I saw on my run:


The one goose did hiss at me

The one goose did hiss at me


A nice long downhill that matches the 1/2 mile climb up the ridge, through the creek bottom and the climb back up my state route. The view had not improved much:


 This loop turned out to be twelve miles not thirteen, but I did run fourteen miles yesterday not thirteen. Another good effort for me. I came home, stretched, drank Ultragen, and readied my pack for tomorrow-17 miles at Mohican.

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