Spring Cleaning for Runners

Spring cleaning for Runners

Spring Cleaning


Is it Spring yet? It’s been a cold spring here in Ohio.

Is it time to swap the running clothes yet? Maybe it’s time to sort through your stuff. Do a little spring cleaning for runners.

I have summer running clothes and  winter running clothes. I keep them separate because-well, I have a lot of them. In my defense, I do run almost every day. So that would be at least 7 days worth of clothing. In the winter time, to my husband’s dismay (and probably disgust) I have been known to wear the same smelly clothes a few days in a row. (Hey I run by myself, I’m the only one smelling me!!)

 Running Clothes

Look at your clothes. Has it been more than one season or two since  you wore that shirt? Time to pitch it. I usually get rid of 2-3 shirts per season. If I haven’t worn it in the last year or so, it’s not any sort of “favorite” shirt, so it’s time to go.

 Running bottoms tend to stay around longer. I have 7 pair of tights/capris. I have favorites among them, like my 10 year old Mountain Hardwear tights.  But sometimes I get down to wearing the least favorite tights when everything else is wet/dirty.  Shorts that ride up and  are almost immediately eliminated.

 Socks-go through the sock drawer. Inspect the bottom of the socks. Are there almost worn through spots? They are still good to wear, but you don’t want to pack them for that “A” race.




What about your gear? Finding out the day before your race that a zipper pocket doesn’t work isn’t the time to discover that. I recently trashed a hydration pack that I like very well. However, a metal holder on the back was rusting! Then, one of the zipper pockets refused to close. As I tugged on the zipper, I broke it.  The hell with it. In the trash it went.

 What about gels? They do have an expiration date. Are you going to eat that banana gel from 2010? Throw it out. That strawberry-banana gel I picked up from the aid station from my ½ marathon last year that is still hanging around? Pitch it. (Or pitch it to a fellow runner who will eat it.)

 I go through my “food” bin also. I finally tossed that chocolate Whey protein powder that came in a swag bag. If it’s been there for a few months, I’m not going to eat it.

 Runner Food

What are you waiting for? Go clean out that running closet!


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