Tick a Box for Organ Donation

April is Donate Life Month.


About 79 people receive an organ transplant every day.

18 men and women die, every day, in the U.S. waiting for a transplant.

My sister is now one of those numbers. She died needing a liver transplant. She was number 1-3 on the list, but her medical condition deteriorated and she was removed from the transplant list and died soon after.

My sister Carmen and I from a Christmas past

My sister Carmen and I from a Christmas past

There is an easy way to donate your organs. Just tick a box.

In Ohio, when you apply or renew your driver’s license, you are asked whether you would like to be an organ donor.

If it is not against your religion or personal preferences, please say yes.

If you don’t really have an opinion about organ donation after your death,  please say yes.

Age is not an obstacle. There was a 92 year old donating organs. Medical condition is no longer that great an issue. People with diabetes, people with poor eyesight, even people who have had cancer (but are cancer-free) can donate organs now.

Some people won’t tick the box because they think their family/estate will be charged for organ donation.  They will not be charged.

A donor’s family will not be charged for any medical costs associated with donation. All costs are incurred by the organ/tissue recovery agency.

In a 2010 study, 90 percent of Ohioans said they have a positive view of donation, and 80 percent said they would wish to donate to a patient in need – but only 54 percent of Ohioans had actually made the commitment of joining the Ohio Donor Registry.-From “DonateLifeOhio.org”

Meanwhile, 3,400 Ohioans await a life-saving transplant. On average, one will die every 48 hours awaiting a transplant that doesn’t come in time. But you can help. Register to become an organ, eye and tissue donor today.  When you renewed your driver license, just tick the box to say yes.

And discuss your wishes with your family members, to just make it easier for others to receive your very needed organs!


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