Trails Day One

This is my four day weekend off, hence a good block of training and I am planning on it being on all trails!

Salt Fork State Park Run

Today was 17 miles. I kept it simple and just went to Salt Fork State Park, the park in my backyard. The vague plan was to follow the Bigfoot Loop, which is about a 10 mile route blazed pink.

Big Foot Course

It’s a late spring here. I started out wearing gloves. I wore capris, a short sleeved shirt, my Moeben sleeves, and the gloves.  It did warm up eventually to remove the Moeben sleeves and gloves.

May Apples

I was concerned about the shape of the trail, as much of the Bigfoot Route is bridle trail. To my amazement (and joy) it was pretty dried out.

Late Spring

It was a pretty uneventful run. I hopped onto a hiking trail, and then crossed the road and revisited the Blue Bridle Trail, which was also not very muddy.  On a Thursday, I saw one fisherman and one other person out in the woods, that was all.

I developed a hot spot on my heel in my LaSportiva UltraRaptors, which is annoying, because I was wearing two pairs of socks. I hope the Ultra Raptors hold up because I am banking on wearing them at both Massanutten Weekend Run and Hardrock.

Next up, tomorrow, a “new trail” (to me) Blue Rock State Forest Trails.

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