Four Day Running Block



This was my final four day running block of training.

My weekend started on Thursday. It’s my reward for working one weekend a month-I then follow that weekend work with a two day work week, Tuesday and Wednesday, then a thankful four day off.


Thursday was a solid 19 miles at Salt Fork, two loops of the Bigfoot course. I didn’t do anything fancy; just put my head down and followed the trail.



I travelled to Camp Tuscazoar

Camp Tuscazoar


to run on the mountain bike trails there.may29 Unlike Thursday’s run, where I felt good through out the entire run, Friday was a dull hard trail plod.


I had thought of running at Mohican but there I remembered the Mohican 100 Mountain Bike Trail Race was occurring. I decided to stay out of the way and away from Mohican. So back I went to Salt Fork again.

The run went very well. I climbed the same hill twice and took all the side hiking trails off the main pink blazed loop.  I was surprised to see nobody out on the trails. I did go through at least three cloudbursts, so perhaps the bad weather was keeping everyone away.


Unlike the Friday run, had good energy on Saturday.  Did a bunch of Hardrock thinking and planning in my head.


I wanted to have lunch with the husband so decided to just run my 12 miles around the block here. Got another good soaking in a rainstorm (good Hardrock training) today.


Another good week of training. That will be my last four day block of running before Hardrock. Thirty nine days to go!

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