Trash Left Over from Race at Salt Fork State Park

I went to Salt Fork State Park with the intention of running 9 miles. I parked at the Lodge, intending on following the pink blazed trail that originated with as the “Bigfoot 50K”  route.

I started down the trail. I did notice the white flags along the trail. Hmm, they most have missed some flags from the “Salt Fork Spring Challenge” Race held May 9.


I continue. About 1.5 miles from the Lodge (their start/finish line) this is where the race course splits, so of course you want signage.

This is May 25. This is what I saw, left over from a race May 9.


I post this on Facebook, asking why the course had not been swept. I believe the Race Director contacted me, thanking me for noticing this, saying they had swept the course, and must have just missed these.



You didn’t see this on your “sweep” of the 10.4 mile loop?

How about the 20 or so white flags? The white flags are course markers. This is what they advertised on their website, and these white flags weren’t there before-I run this loop at least once a week or so. It’s not like gas line or property line flag/signs.

*I say 20 or so flags because I didn’t run the full traditional pinked blazed 10.4 mile course, I took a different trail back to the intersection. I counted 20 flags on my route.*

What I find frustrating is, an out of town race company comes down to Salt Fork. The 10.4 mile loop is blazed pink, so it’s actually “easy” to conduct a race on. You really only need to add course marks in a few certain locations, like the first one above.

But you need to take your shit with you. I don’t know what happened with accountability, but don’t tell me someone swept that course.  Really? You just didn’t see those big signs? DSC00301

The Race Director has been in touch with me. He thanks me for my concern, and has told me it will be cleaned up. That is good.

But why is this happening over 2 weeks from the event? That is the unacceptable part. I went to Virginia last weekend, so this is my first run at Salt Fork State Pork since their race.

Take your trash with your race. Don’t litter up my back yard.

I’ll be back at Salt Fork State Park this week, either Thursday or Saturday and see if the trash has been removed.

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