Pacing Burning River


I’m pacing this weekend at the Burning River Endurance Run, a point to point 100 mile race in Northern Ohio.

I originally offered to crew, but my runner indicated that he would rather have a pacer. Coach Hanks is a faster runner than me, but when I pick him up he’ll have 70 or 75 miles in his legs, so I should be able to keep up. Or he could drop me, always good for the runner!

My runner doesn’t seem to know when he’ll be getting where, which makes my prediction game a bit harder to play. I am hoping technology will help with the day.  Burning River should be well covered in cell phone towers, which means the web site should get regular updates. Theoretically, I should be able to punch his splits into this handy dandy predictor to keep an eye on his progress.

Weather? High of 86, low of 70. This is pretty typical Cleveland-and Burning River weather.  I must remember to bring plenty of bug spray!



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