Ruminations Post Hardrock

Ruminations Post Hardrock

I had no plans or agenda post Hardrock. I really had not even flipped over the calendar page in my day planner from June.  I didn’t want to focus or concentrate on anything until after the run.


Post HR, now what?  What to do now that I’ve turned that calendar page to July, and even further into the summer and the fall?

I am going to take a little break.  I was envisioning more of a longer recovery period post Hardrock. I now don’t have to worry about a long recovery since I only ran the *Hardrock Marathon*.

I’m not sure how long my little break will be, or actually what that means. I need to take care of some family stuff that got kind of pushed to the backburner while I trained for my A Run.  That’s going to take priority. ( My husband may be a little sad, because it’s now time to continue with the home remodelling/redecorating/decluttering project that was started in 2014. 🙂

I am already antsy, even though I just started this post two days ago. But I really don’t feel like running-much. I think I will go run 4 miles around the block on Sunday. I have a mountain bike that I would like to get re-acquainted with-that should make some different muscle groups sore!

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    1. Kim Post author

      It sure does. I’m actually going to pace a friend at Burning River 100 this weekend, about mile 75 to the finish. It’s a good way to be back amidst the ultra runners without any sort of committment.


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