Running the Strip in Vegas

Running the Strip in Vegas

We slept in on Saturday, in Vegas….till 8 am. Not too bad, unless you were planning on running in the morning AND it was going to be 115 F outside.

I immediately got up and donned the running clothes and got outside. Good gravy, it had to already be 90 F or better. I started down the Strip from the Monte Carlo.


Before long, the Strip construction shunted me INSIDE the Aldara. I think. I was just trying to follow the signs. The air conditioning felt good I admit.


Then I was outside again. But again, the Strip directional arrows now wanted me to go inside the Cosmopolitan. I decided to eschew the directive, and continued down the sidewalk, which then ended.

Then I  had to turn. Onto the Strip. Now, in the last few years, they have put up a BIG fence to keep the tourists OFF the road. Which is now keeping me-in the road-with no way to get back on the tourist sidewalk. I keep going, figuring I’m going to get a ticket sometime soon.

bellagio caersars flamingo forumshops

Luckily, the fence ended at a turn in drive to a casino and I was able to discard my rebel running self and join the rest of the tourists. They offered free spins for all tourists.

Did I mention it was hot? Oh my god.


My first pictures of The Linq Hotel are here because this was the site of the former Imperial Palace. The IP was a cheap place to stay, and needed to be imploded about fifteen years before it actually happened. But we had at least two trips of cheap hotel stays at the old IP.

linq linqhotel

There is pretty much nothing cheap in Vegas these days. Fifteen years ago, or so, you could get a cheap and decent hotel room, the buffet meals were cheap! and a Vegas weekend didn’t break the bank.

My husband got to hang out with his Army buddies on Saturday, and I wandered around losing various sums of money in machines-indoors, out of the heat. While we had a good time in Vegas, I’m not sure of our next return trip will be.

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