It’s List Time!

Fifty at Age Fifty


I will be turning fifty years old in less than four months. I have started my “Fifty at Fifty” list.

I have been googling the interwebs for bucket list ideas. It’s kind of fun for me, it seems I have complete some of the popular items out there:

go on a trip alone

run a marathon

go camping

have an epic adventure


My list so far:

Celebrate my birthday in Grenada
I want a cake for my birthday
Go snorkelling
Go ziplining
go kayaking
Break 24 hours at Umstead
take my bike on a mtn bike trail
start a podast
snowboard or ski again
Learn a new skill (??)
go on a woods adventure on my own. hmm, maybe I  have done this? maybe hike the LH by myself?
take a 30 day challenge-photo a day?
paint a picture
put yourself out there (??)
run an obstacle course race
visit a new museum
be able to do a pull up
get my CCW
Declutter my house
Put photos in photo album/scrapbook. Start with the dogs
Visit Falling Water. and Kentuck Knob. Seriously.  Oh, and stay overnight somewhere swanky-ie not the back of my vehicle or the Yough Motel.
Do the Whole 30 or vegetarian for 30 days.
White water rafting on the  Yough in Ohiopyle
build a gingerbread house
Monetize my blog
Work on family genealogy (?)
 Attend a blogging/social media conference
Go to a festival, like the Pumpkin Festival (or Ramp Festival)
Go fishing
Eat a fruit I’ve never eaten before
make and bury a time capsule
take a jumping pic like Fast Cory
Fast Cory
Any ideas for me? This really is not a “bucket list”, like all the activities you would want to do before dying. I’m also being realistic about what type of travel I’ll be doing in 2016. This is why “Run the Grand Canyon” isn’t on the list, as I don’t think a trip out west is in the cards this year.
What do you want to do, when you hit age fifty?





One thought on “It’s List Time!

  1. Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home

    Wow, that’s quite a list! I’m 52. Turning 50 was really hard for me. Interestingly, once I got over it, I have turned my 50s upside down. After reading about fitness for 50-somethings, I started training with a CrossFit coach, to help me become a stronger runner. And that has resulted in faster running times and PRs in every distance. Who knew? This has given me newfound confidence in other areas of my life too!

    I’m looking forward to following you through this next decade!


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