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International Podcast Day



September 30 is International Podcasting Day!  I love podcasts!

IPD-logos-Header420I listen to a bunch of podcasts.  I listen to them in the car and out on runs.  Most of these podcasts are focused toward endurance and outdoor sports-running, triathlons, climbing.  To celebrate International Podcasting Day, here are my favorites for 2015! Share and enjoy!


Marathon Talk :  Martin Yelling and Tom Williams create a very well produced weekly podcast on marathon running. There is a featured interview each week, and there are recaps of the big marathon weekends.

Talk Ultra  an ultra running podcast!  And it is Euro-based, so that is cool to get some different intel on running outside of the US.  Ian Corless is the host of this, with usually 1 or 2 interviews, and usually with some interviews pre-race and post-race.

Dirt Dawg’s Rambling:  Mike Croy is a runner from the Detroit area; his podcasts reflect what he is up to at the moment; sometimes training for an ultra, running a marathon, speedwork;  his best episodes are when the wife drops in!

Embrace Running:  I stumbled across Elena and Mark’s podcast and enjoy it.  They just talk about their week in training, what races they have done and the experiences that they have.

Trail Runner Nation:  A  lively podcast centered on the West Coast (of the US) usually pretty interesting, focused on trail running and ultras.

Ultra Finishers new podcast interviewing runners after finishing their first ultra

Ultrarunner Podcast  Eric Schranz gets some good interviews with timely ultra runners; very west coast oriented but still a great listen

Running on Om you don’t have to be a yogi or runner to listen, but it would probably help. A little hippy dippy, but I have listened to just a few shows so far

Elevation Trail my listening waxes and wanes with ET, but lately I’ve enjoyed the interviews with ultrarunners; motor biking, cyclocross not so much

DFL Ultrarunning usually a 2-3 hour podcast when an episode is published, with several interviews and usually a runner’s roundtable

Marathon Journey a well produced podcast about..well the marathon journey

No Meat Athlete Matt Frazier is a plant based  athlete. The shows are interesting and useful,  without some of the attitude that vegans/vegetarians  sometimes give off

Runners of a Certain Age-The goal of the runner of a certain age podcast is start a conversation around what it is like to run long distance races as we grow older. John does nice race recaps, it’s just like reading race reports!


The Dirtbag Diaries:  Real Life Stories from Fitz Cahall.  Outdoor stories about..everything.  Some are very short, some long.  If you like the outdoor life, you will appreciate the Dirtbag Diaries.

IM Talk Bevan James Eyles and John Newsom host this triathlon podcast from New Zealand.

Endurance Planet: interviews and questions and answers about endurance events-running, triathlons, ultra with Lucho and Tawnee

Zen and the Art of Triathlon:  I have listened to Brent Blanckner’s podcast for years! It’s one of the oldest triathlon podcasts out there.  Sometimes there is an interview, many times it’s just Brett taking us along with him on his training

The Enormocast:  It’s a podcast about rock climbing.  Chris Kalous is very entertaining.  

Mountain Meister Ben Shenk has smoothed out his podcast and almost every episode features an interview with a mountaineer; his description the podcast that explores the minds of those who explore

Social Media

She Podcasts-yes one day I will start my podcast, in the meantime listen to She Pocast: In the spirit of further support, a podcast was created to address issues and podcasting current events as they relate to women

Biz Chix Podcast   Natalie Eckdahl interviews successful women across the globe and learn how they are growing their businesses, turning ideas into actionable results, maintaining their relationships, helping others, organizing their lives and making it all work.

Brilliant Business Moms just because I’m not a mom doesn’t mean you can’t get some good information from this podcast on small business and creativity

Blogging Betties: good interviews with bloggers usually with some funny banter with the Betties before and after  (no longer active, but good funny informative episodes)

High Impact Blogging-this podcast is very good, as it is focused on the health/wellness lifestyle bloggers  (no longer active but still good information)

Oh So Pinteresting Podcast  a podcast about Pinterest and how to do it

The Manly Pinterest Show Pinterest is not just wedding gowns and nail decorations; Jeff Sieh hosts an interesting show on Pinterest and other social media platforms “adding testosterone one Pin at a time”

Others and some just for fun

The 5am Miracle Podcast-Jeff wants you to “dominate your day before breakfast”.  It’s a personal growth/development type of podcast, but it’s not so hyper-smiley or over eager that some motivational podcasts can be.  

The Talking Dead a fan podcast about “The Walking Dead”

The Walker Stalker Podcast yes, there is room for two fan podcasts about “The Walking Dead”!

99% Invisible is a well produced show about design, architecture and the 99% invisible activity that shapes our world. Each episode is a sound rich deep dive into a single topic

Skeptoid weekly science podcast dedicated to furthering knowledge by blasting away the widespread pseudosciences that infect popular culture, and replacing them with way cooler reality.

Sawbones Dr Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin host Sawbones, a Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine, digging through the annals of medical history to uncover all the odd, weird, dumb and just gross ways we’ve tried to fix people over the years.


Can you suggest some new podcasts for me to listen to?
Happy International Podcast Day!!

Goal! Umstead 2016


It’s good to have goals. I was lucky in the “second chance” lottery for the Umstead Endurance Run  2016 and obtained a runner slot!

I had been thinking about returning to the Umstead 100 for quite some time. It was my first 100 race. I ran it in 2007,2008 and 2009, each time decreasing my time at the event.

Umstead 2007

Umstead 2007

The great thing about Umstead it’s been the same course for years now. It gives you a great benchmark that you can look at your splits from the past and work with them.

Umstead Finish 2007

I was inspired to revisit the course after listening to Steve Tursi’s sub 24 hour finish at Umstead in 2015 on the DFL Ultrarunning Podcast.

The race karma gods must have wanted me to do this, since the Umstead weekend also corresponds on my four day weekend off work-important, because I’m out of vacation hours.

Gaining this entry has perked up my interest in getting back to a training schedule. I’m interested in putting together a 100 mile training schedule for myself.  (I’m not currently using Coach Karl as a coach, as I had no plans for the fall after Hardrock.) This will give me something to plan for and look forward to for next year!


A Very Short Ring Report


This was my second Orange Trail DNF. The first occurred earlier this year, in this:

Reverse Ring 2015

but this September I had nothing epic or dramatic to report on.

Starters Ring 2015

It was the usual hot day for the start of The Ring. As usual, the field separated quickly, the faster group moving on and a large group of slower runners.


I was determined to take it slow, to not get overheated. I was with a group for the first thirteen miles, then the runners were more strung out after our water stop at Milford Gap.

Kimba Milford Gap

I glanced at my watch and was a little surprised to see how slow I was going. Yes I am about up ten-fifteen pounds, and have barely run since Hardrock, but wow…I am slow.


I got a little dizzy starting downhill toward Camp Roosevelt, and had the interesting goosebumps on my arms.  That means heat exhaustion, but I couldn’t do anything about it until I got to Camp Roo.  I thought I was hitting a cut off at Camp Roo.

I was going to quit at Camp Roo. I poured cold water over my head, and applied my water drenched Buff to my neck. I drank two glasses of Coke.  Quatro mentioned the cutoff was much later at Crisman Hollow than I thought.

I felt a little better. I decided to go on, see how I felt at Crisman Hollow. I thought I could catch Tammy and Jeff, then I would have someone to hike up Duncan Hollow with.

Ugh. I didn’t feel the love hiking up the trail. I never saw Tammy and Jeff. I was just very apathetic being out there. The bugs were not too bad, but every time I lifted my veil, they were there.


Yuck. Before I can quit, I have to ascend Waterfall Mountain. I think about cutting the course, and taking the road to Crisman Hollow Aid Station, but I can’t remember how far that would be.


I count the start of Waterfall where you start up the trail, where the white connector trail intersects.


It’s up and up and up. First I was pausing every fifty steps, but then I got dizzy and jacked my heart rate way up, I started pausing every twenty steps.


Way back at my first Ring, Carolyn had told me there were 2400 steps to the top of Waterfall. Since I was alone, I decided to count them too.


Up up up.


Almost there. I count the end of Waterfall where it tops out. I got 1960 steps, so we could probably call it 2000 steps to the top. My Strava segment was 32 minutes, which I think is pretty typical for me, previous times were 28 and 30 minutes.



I was so happy to be at the top because I knew I would be off trail in less than a half mile and I was QUITTING!!!

That’s my tale. I just didn’t have the mojo for grinding out a finish that would have been around noon on Sunday. I have not been into running since Hardrock. I’ve got lots going on in my personal life, and running has not been that important.

In hindsight, I’m glad I stopped where I did. The knee bursitis flared up again.  I’m going to take a week fully off running and see if I can get this healed up.

Goals for The Ring

Starters Ring 2014

Starters Ring 2014

It’s almost time for The Ring again! This will be my fifth running of The Ring.  I will be very happy to be back in Virginia for forty-eight hours, to run around the rocks and have no other goals except to make it to each aid station before time runs out.

It’s pretty simple this year. No grandiose time goals. I just want to finish.

I’ve already written my tutorial “How to Run your Best Ring Ever”, so if you are a first timer to run 71 miles around the Massanutten Mountain, you should read this.

Since I leave  Friday after work, I thought I best get my act together and pack my one and only drop bag for The Ring. I find it easy to pack whatever I need in ziplock bags for each aid station.

This year I will write down a small note to look at before I come into the aid station, like I do for 100 mile events, so I won’t forget to do important stuff.  The problem is The Ring is a social event, and I start talking with people and not paying enough attention to details associated with my run!


Today Could Best be Described As..


This is prompt #2 for 30 Days of Lists. I took this prompt to give a view in the day of my life. It happened to be a day off work, so it’s a far bit more interesting than my ten hour block of working.

First, I slept in! ZZZZ. Almost to eight o’clock. I got my hair cut at 11 am.

Mark's Spa The husband went with me, since a sushi lunch followed the haircut. Almost all the color is cut out of my hair. It’s half gray. I still don’t know what I want to do with it.

Then was sushi at lunch.

sushi I went off the reservation and had tempura shrimp at lunch. That was alot of deep fried food for me. Next, since it was next door, some grocery shopping.


gianteagle This is not an upscale Giant Eagle. In fact, the Guggisberg Swiss Cheese was 8.99 a pound, so we decided to swing by Yaggi, where the Guggisberg is 4.99 a pound. The Yaggi Cheese House is one of the reasons we love to live where we do.

yaggicheesehouse IMG_20150902_124846_658;;

Next was to pick up field corn that we feed the deer with. You just show up at this farmer’s barn, and take however many 50 pound bags of corn, at 6.00 a bag you want. You put your money in a can in the barn. Oh, and you need to bring the empty sacks back for the farmer to re-use.

field corn

We had packages to drop off at the local post office.


I took a few pictures of the busy town where the post office is. We live 9 miles out of town, but this is our mailing busytown;;



Dropped a bunch of papers off at the lawyers office for my sister’s estate. Got the GOOD news that since there is now money in her estate checking account, the estate can pay off the house and move it into the beneficiary name.

Got home and took the dogs for a walk. Tino, my elder pup, decided he wanted to go too, so we just went to the pond. The dogs waded and the husband fed the fish.

feedingfish condisept2

Paperwork. Also got cleared by the lawyer to call about debts for my sister’s estate, so got that ball rolling today. So I’ll soon be in touch with a company such as CreditAssociates to gain financial and debt education and counseling so I can handle the estate’s debt to the best of my ability.



I also packed my drop bag and overnight bag for The Ring. It has been quite the busy day.