Goal! Umstead 2016


It’s good to have goals. I was lucky in the “second chance” lottery for the Umstead Endurance Run  2016 and obtained a runner slot!

I had been thinking about returning to the Umstead 100 for quite some time. It was my first 100 race. I ran it in 2007,2008 and 2009, each time decreasing my time at the event.

Umstead 2007

Umstead 2007

The great thing about Umstead it’s been the same course for years now. It gives you a great benchmark that you can look at your splits from the past and work with them.

Umstead Finish 2007

I was inspired to revisit the course after listening to Steve Tursi’s sub 24 hour finish at Umstead in 2015 on the DFL Ultrarunning Podcast.

The race karma gods must have wanted me to do this, since the Umstead weekend also corresponds on my four day weekend off work-important, because I’m out of vacation hours.

Gaining this entry has perked up my interest in getting back to a training schedule. I’m interested in putting together a 100 mile training schedule for myself.  (I’m not currently using Coach Karl as a coach, as I had no plans for the fall after Hardrock.) This will give me something to plan for and look forward to for next year!


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