Today Could Best be Described As..


This is prompt #2 for  30 Days of Lists. I took this prompt to give a view in the day of my life. It happened to be a day off work, so it’s a far bit more interesting than my ten hour block of working.

First, I slept in! ZZZZ. Almost to eight o’clock. I got my hair cut at 11 am.

Mark's Spa The husband went with me, since a sushi lunch followed the haircut.  Almost all the color is cut out of my hair. It’s half gray. I still don’t know what I want to do with it.

Then was sushi at lunch.

sushi I went off the reservation and had tempura shrimp at lunch. That was alot of deep fried food for me.  Next, since it was next door, some grocery shopping.


gianteagle This is not an upscale Giant Eagle. In fact, the Guggisberg Swiss Cheese was 8.99 a pound, so we decided to swing by Yaggi, where the Guggisberg is 4.99 a pound. The Yaggi Cheese House is one of the reasons we love to live where we do.

yaggicheesehouse IMG_20150902_124846_658;;

Next was to pick up field corn that we feed the deer with. You just show up at this farmer’s barn, and take however many 50 pound bags of corn, at 6.00 a bag you want. You put  your money in a can in the barn. Oh, and you need to bring the empty sacks back for the farmer to re-use.

field corn

We had packages to drop off at the local post office.


I took a few pictures of the busy town where the post office is. We live 9 miles out of town, but this is our mailing busytown;;



Dropped a bunch of papers off at the lawyers office for my sister’s estate. Got the GOOD news that since there is now money in her estate checking account, the estate can pay off the house and move it into the beneficiary name.

Got home and took the dogs for a walk. Tino, my elder pup, decided he wanted to go too, so we just went to the pond. The dogs waded and the husband fed the fish.

feedingfish condisept2

Paperwork. Also got cleared by the lawyer to call about debts for my sister’s estate, so got that ball rolling today.



I also packed my drop bag and overnight bag for The Ring. It has been quite the busy day.


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