5 Senses of Fall

5 Senses  of Fall

I had an awesome trail run today.  It was a perfect fall day. Low humidity, leaf  foliage at their peak colors, sixty degrees temperature.

Fall is my favorite season. You get to experience all five senses with fall, it totally surrounds you.

Sight  the changing leaf color is a cacophony explosion of color. Who cannot appreciate yellows, red, oranges of every tone? While I love the lushness of our green summer, the color palette of fall is top notch.


Sound-crunch crunch crunch. Who doesn’t love plowing through drying leaves and hearing that crunch, crackle, crunch about their feet? It’s the classic sound of fall.



Smell-the first smell is again from  the leaves. It’s that dry dusty, maybe musty, earthy  odor  the leaves exude. Smoke is also another smell evoked by fall.


Touch-the drying out and dying out of the deciduous trees. Everything is a bit crisp and crunchy. Throw those leaves in the air! Or better yet, make a pile and jump into them! Then you get the sight, smell, touch, all at once!



Taste-the taste of fall is tart. Crisp apple flavors, some more tart than others. Ever try a crab apple? Sour, maybe a touch of sweetness, but tart!

I got to experience all five of these senses on my trail run today. It was one of those perfect days, moderate temperature, beautiful colors, a kiss of a breeze, dried out trails. I’m so glad I got out there again on the trails after a brief absence.

What sense of fall is your favorite?

3 thoughts on “5 Senses of Fall

  1. Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home

    I”m loving this fall. The temps have been great and the colors have been spectacular! It’s hard for me to say which sense of fall I like best. I love the colors, I like the sound of the leaves crunching under my feet, I like the smell of the leaves (brings back memories of childhood)….and the taste of fall foods! We just had apple crisp.

  2. Laurie Oien

    Fall is my most favorite! I just wish it lasted longer here in Minnesota – winter comes too soon after. The sights and smells of fall are the best. Looks like you had a great trail run.

  3. Andrea B.

    I love all of these things about fall. It truly is so beautiful and the season is just perfect.

    I might love the scent of all fall goodies baking and cooking a lot, too, though. 😉


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