Peoli Loop Run

Peoli Loop Run

Peoli Loop Run

Today’s run is mostly pictures. I decided to do one of my usual loops around the neighborhood, but when I got to the ridge line I decided to run through Peoli and visit Cy Young’s grave, since I had not been by in a year or so.

I run off my hill down to the creek bottom. It’s pretty flat for about three miles through here.


This is the first sheep flock I encountered, across from the creek.



Then I run by our Grange Hall.  Most rural communities across the United States eventually had a Grange chapter. Ohio had more than nine hundred chapters. Many chapters built their own meeting halls. These halls provided a place for the farmers to meet, but they also served as places for dances, quilting bees, and other social activities, helping alleviate the isolation of farm life



Since the two Great Danes were nowhere around to menace me, it was then just the usual 1/2 mile climb back up to the ridge line, to the now empty green house on the hill.


This will be the highest point around the area. Although I was pretty sweaty climbing, a good breeze cooled me down on the ridge.



Then it’s some nice downhill rollers.



Nice fall bucolic colors if I say so myself!




Sheep farm Number Two



The church below is where I am headed.



I turn onto the state route (my home is now about three miles away) and see that the blacksmith shop is closed today.



It doesn’t appear that anyone is living in Joe Miller’s house either.


I make a stop at the Peoli Cemetery.


Peoli is the town (if you could even call it that) that Cy Young grew up in and came back to live in his retirement.  The Peoli Post Office closed after Cy Young’s death.  In the mid-1940s, the federal government wanted to close the post office in  Peoli, but kept it open for another decade, solely to handle the volume of mail Young still received.



Young’s grave is not a focal point in the cemetery; it’s just another marker. You need to wander through the cemetery to find it. There’s always baseballs at the base of the marker.

About a half mile down the road is Cy Young’s old house. It has seen better days. A picture of it from a few years ago:


Photo from

The Amish own the house. There is a *new* Amish house next door. They had been using the house to store hay in, but now it looks like it’s just abandoned. 🙁



Now I’m just one or so miles from home. Last picture is one of my blind curves to go around.



That’s my Peoli Loop around the neighborhood, 11 miles on a bluebird fall day!

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