Amish Half Marathon Race Report- I conquered the hills!

Amish Half Marathon Race Report 2015

This was my race report on the third running of the Amish Half Marathon. It is held in Berlin, Ohio, the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  It has been cold in 2013


and colder in 2014.


Amish half Marathon 2014


It is credible to say I conquered the hills. It’s a tough hilly course!

Amish half marathon course profile

I had high hopes for 2015 with the forecast of 40 degrees and rain.  The weather gods were spot on!

Due to standing in the bathroom line, I got outside with five minutes to spare. It was misting rain and cold. I had a Buff under my ball cap, I was very glad to have that on.

Within two miles the ball cap was off and my windbreaker was zipped down. As you can see from the profile, there are sharp little hills to go up and I was quite warm even with the cool temps and the rain!

My secret fueling weapon for the half marathon was my junior mint peppermint crunch

Junior Mints Peppermint Crunch Candies. I started snacking on them around mile three for a sustained little sugar energy for the race. I was happy to have a consistent pace throughout the race.  Even when I hit the flats from mile 7 to 10, I focused on the road and didn’t look that far ahead of me.

My only constructive comment about the race was it really wasn’t marked. The only reason I mention this is there is a sharp left hand turn around mile 9.  We were spread out by this time. There was a car parked nearby, along the road, which I would guess held a course marshal. Runners were almost out of sight around a bend in the road. If you were really at the back of pack, with no runners to follow, this could be a bit of a difficult situation.

This was not a closed course. There were vehicles and Amish buggies trying to go around us in both directions. I could not figure out why some runners in front of me kept trying to run in the middle of the road! The road was not cantered either, at least to my feel on running it.

Despite the cold weather and drizzle, there were many Amish folks out along the road. They don’t cheer you on for the most part. Sometimes it’s even hard to get a wave from the little kids.  I had fun looking at the houses and seeing faces peeking out-I would wave enthusiastically, and the folks inside the houses were happy to wave back!

This was my third running of the Amish half marathon which meant  I was prepared for the final hill at the very end!  I almost caught the gentleman in front of me, but he kicked in the final end on the track, and I finished in 2.25.29!  I had guessed I would run a 2.20, so I was pleased with the finish, as I am currently carrying fifteen more pounds around than last years finish.

There is a good spread of food at the finish of the race. Homemade hot buttered noodles, chips, cookies, apples, sandwiches.  The first activity I did after finishing was change my wet clothes.  Running in 40 degree rain is fine, but the chill factor settles in very quickly once finishing.

I have a feeling I will be back again next  year after Thanksgiving for another half marathon!

Did you run a race this weekend? Did you get homemade hot buttered noodles at the finish?

3 thoughts on “Amish Half Marathon Race Report- I conquered the hills!

  1. Tamra Harrison

    I was glad to get to meet you in line for the bathroom after reading your recaps for the last year. I agree that the weather conditions were perfect. I had a very pleasant experience.


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